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If you are a writer or would want to contribute to Fend Home, we would be happy to publish your posts, as long as it matches our community guidelines.

Why write for Fend Home?

  • Because we are among the fastest growing blogs on home improvement.
  • Because our blog enjoys great readership.
  • Because you can choose to write for a wide range of niche home topics.

Guidelines for guest authors

  1. Fend Home is very particular about submissions. We do not accept small contents that are less than 500 words, and if you can write posts with more than 700 words, we would appreciate that.
  2. All contents must be free from grammatical errors, should be written in US and UK English only. We encourage writers to review and edit their contents correctly before submitting to us.
  3. Please note that we only offer single commercial link per post. Any other link, including affiliate links, are not accepted in guest posts. Such links are either removed or guest posts will be rejected.
  4. Guest posts for Fend Home must relate to one or more of these categories – carpet, cleaning, home décor, interior, kitchen, outdoor, and architecture. Contents for other segments or niches are not accepted.
  5. Fend Home reserves the right to edit, accept, reject and modify contents submitted to us. We usually revert to all submissions within a week, but please bear with us if our team takes more time to review your content.
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Fend Home accepts a bio of the author, and we will always credit your work.

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