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4 best armchairs for your home

Picture this in your mind: a frosty, winter Friday evening, with the snow’s falling in the darkness beside your window. You watch it from the comfort of your home, lounging in your favourite, cozy chair with a cup of cinammon tea and your favourite series playing on your laptop. Sounds tempting? It’s also very easy to achieve (provided that you’ve already bought a tea!). The only other thing you’ll need would be the perfect armchair, and here are the most popular, comfy and stylish types out there!

1. The Chesterfield armchair

This type of chair is usually what we imagine when someone mentions the idea of armchair. And it’s fair to admit it looks quite archetypical, being in use in high-end private clubs and luxury homes for hudreds of years.

The Chesterfield armchair has been traditionally upholstered with leather and the signature leather-covered buttons, although most up-to-date, vegan-friendly versions use velvet or similar lavish materials. It has wide armrest, sturdy yet comfortable backing, and it’s the perfect choice for a classic living room space or the Victorian-style study.

2. The club chair

What’s the difference between the club chair and the Chesterfield armchair? It’s safe to say that the first one might be described as an our-era version of the latter. Also, a club chair typically has a low back with wide armrests, which results in a true comfort of use without the bulky feel of an overcrowded room.

Its modernized look and a wide range of upholstery choices on the market make it an ideal addition to the contemporary, minimalistic or even industrial-style space. If you want to buy a club chair, you’ll probably also need a little less investment while acquiring a similar quality piece of furniture.

3. The sacco chair

This extremely trendy type of chair may not appeal to the fans of classic home design, but it’ll be a disservice to overlook its popularity and versality. Also called a beanbag armchair, the sacco in its typical form consists of an enormous piece of durable farbic with thousands of tiny, usually polysterene balls inside. As a result of such a design, you can shape and style the sacco basically in any way that suits you.

It’s also very easy to keep clean, as the fabric that covers it is frequently removable. And – believe it or not – this ingenious design is actually not so new at all! It was devised in Itally over a 50 years ago, and the first sacco pieces are considered so important to the design history that you can admire them in the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

4. The Morris chair

You might not be familiar with the name, but we’re sure you’ve seen an armchair like that somewhere. The original British designer, the famous William Morris, hadn’t probably envision its future popularity, but the practical aspects combined with coziness resulted in the wide adoption of this armchair style up until our times.

The Morris armchair has high and wide backing and a solid sitting cushion, all within a wood frame with rather slim wooden armrests. There are many varieties, patterns and styles of uphostery available, so you can customize a chosen Morris chair to your liking. So go and experiment, even if the color you choose would have the late Mr. Morris come back to haunt you at night!

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