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4 Key Things to Look For When Choosing a Realtor Service

Are you looking to hire a realtor? If so, we’ve got some excellent tips for what to look for in potential candidates.

Selling or buying a home is one of the most stressful things you can do. Besides the fact it’s a life-changing decision, the piles of paperwork and legal processes can be overwhelming. Plus, you want to ensure you get the best deal possible.

So, hiring the right realtor to work on your behalf and handle the process is key.

In this article, we’ll share four of the most important things to look for when searching for a real estate services lakewood co. By following these, it’ll ensure you get great value for money.

1. Start by Asking For Referrals

To begin with, you need to narrow down some potential candidates. And to do this, ask friends and family members for referrals.

Your friends and family give the most unbiased advice because they have your best interests at heart. Plus, it’s likely one of them can recommend a fantastic real estate agent.

So, ask for referrals and follow up on who they suggest.

2. Look For Positive Reviews

After you have put together a shortlist of candidates, read online reviews. This gives you a better insight into how they operate and how previous customers felt about the service.

The best place to look is on Google rather than on their own website. Reviews on websites tend to be hand-picked, and only positive ones are shown. Whereas on Google, they’re unbiased and give you a better insight.

Read as many as you can and take a look at their average rating. If most reviews seem positive, then keep them on your shortlist.

3. Attend an Open House to See Them in Action

If you are selling your home, then you definitely want to see them in action before committing. And, the best place to do this is at an open house.

So, find out when they’ve got an open house coming up and go to it. Take a look at how they interact with people and how professional they are.

If you like how they conduct themselves, then reach out to them.

4. Interview Them and Ask Specific Questions

It’s important to interview them before committing to ensure they’re right for you. To do this, ask the following questions:

  • How long have you worked in real estate?
  • How many homes have you sold in my area lately?
  • Are you part of a team?

Ideally, you want someone with several years of experience. If they’ve been working as a real estate agent for several years, then they should be doing something right.

If they have sold many homes in your area lately, then that’s a great sign. If not, ask why and try to gauge if it’s a legitimate answer.

Having a team around them means there is more experience and help on hand. If they are working solo, be prepared that you may not be a priority for them.

Finally, if you’re looking at selling or buying a house in either of the Carolinas, check out

How to Hire the Best Realtor Service

Getting the right realtor service is key when buying or selling a home.

If you don’t do some research beforehand, the process can be dragged out for a long time. So, take note of everything we have mentioned above.

Finally, check out our blog for some more great real estate tips.

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