Thu. Dec 8th, 2022

4 Mistakes You Can Make During Office Renovation Projects

Homeowners aren’t the only ones who need interior design services. Businesses run retail spaces, offices, industrial facilities, and more. The scope of commercial interior design in Singapore covers many types of spaces that businesses use. And since most commercial spaces have specialised needs, interior design for these spaces are approached differently.

One of the most common commercial spaces is the office. How do businesses approach office renovation and design in Singapore? Creating a beautiful office interior while remaining functional for your employees is harder than you think. What are some of the mistakes that businesses make when renovating their office?

1) You rush your office interior design project. Renovating an office is a project that can take weeks to months in advance. You don’t want to rush this project because you’ll be stuck with this office design for years to come. Not to mention that office renovation services are costly.

2) You prioritise aesthetics over the usability or function of your office. Commercial renovation in Singapore differs from residential design because the space is meant to be used by multiple groups of people. Clients, staff, and other people use your office in different ways. Don’t favour beauty over functionality.

3) You don’t take the input of employees. It’s easy to be self-centred over a renovation job if you’re spending the money. But listen to your employees who use that space. You might get an insight you haven’t considered.

4) You make it a DIY job. An office renovation requires the help of tons of professionals. Not only do you need interior designers, but labourers, architects, safety inspectors, and more play a part.

Could it be time to give your office the makeover it needs? Reach out to CAD Associates, an office renovation contractor in Singapore, for more assistance on how you can create the perfect workspace.

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