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4 Reasons Why I Added A Glass Partition Wall In My Bathroom

  Some people shun the idea of having a glass partition wall inside the bathroom for some reason. The first is privacy. Since they think of them as surfaces where people can see through, they often see the possibility of becoming a breeding ground for offensive acts against someone. Second, they think of broken shards that hurt the body deeply, no pun intended. However, it only happens when you have a subpar-quality piece or during an accident. I would love to share why I decided to have one in my bedroom despite the seemingly bothersome misconceptions that cloud everyones’ judgments. My goal is to help everyone understand things better.


Using traditional shower curtains is never for me. Why? It takes too much time and work to clean them every week, plus I have other pieces to take care of during my laundry times. With that, I decided to go for a frameless glass sliding door in Singapore to eliminate the work that comes with using curtains. However, I do need to have the best cleaning products and tools that help me keep the surfaces clean and clear.


Glass doors are safe if you buy them from a reliable manufacturer with high-quality products and services. In my case, I was confident of the door being as strong as my aluminium door in Singapore (despite the world of difference) because the company ensures the quality of all the pieces going out of its factory. In short, I chose a manufacturer that promised me the best option for my bathroom. (Tip: If you have children, tell the retailer because they have extra-strong options for your playful kids.)


A piece of glass might seem bigger than a curtain for the shower area of your room. On the contrary, having whatever door, whether an aluminium sliding door in Singapore or a small glass divided, is efficient if you choose the best area to install it. So, I contacted an architect and designer to help plan these things to maximise the space without wasting them. (Tip: Always ask for help when confused because that is how I was able to know more about the proper placement of glass doors.)


Nothing is permanent in this world, but if you choose fluted glass doorsor any other surface of the same material, they last longer than curtains and other dividers inside the bedroom. How? I knew how to maintain, clean, and take care of them with the best products and tools. On top of that, the company offered a warranty scheme that helped me as a customer who wants nothing but a high-quality piece inside my bathroom. Reinventing my bathroom was the best thing that I did to improve my lifestyle and daily habits. On top of that, I was glad to have made the right decision and trusted a company that offered me many options until I decided on one. Visit Eatons Interior, and explore their fluted and other glass doors for your home. 

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