Sat. May 18th, 2024

5 Interior Design Trends Shaped by the Pandemic That are Here to Stay

The pandemic shaped so much about how people prefer to live, work, and play, and while many people will return to past rhythms, others will realize that they prefer a life that involves less out and about and more home life. Here are just a few of the interior design trends that are likely to have staying power because they give even a non-pandemic life quite a lot of utility and comfort.

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Temporary and Permanent Partitioning

While the open floor plan home may be perfect for that ideal large party, the rest of the time, people are finding that it is a bit unwieldy. Two kids on virtual school computers and two parents on Zoom calls for work simply turns into a lot of loud chaos. Families shopping for a home now may be more apt to look kindly on a home with a more closed off style, where each room has its own door even if there is easy flowability between spaces. Similarly, the temporary, sound-dampening partition experienced a strong surge during the pandemic, helping people with small and open living spaces divide themselves up into multiple at-home cubicles. These partitions have plenty of use in a home even if everyone isn’t forced to work there, and designers have created some beautiful ones, making them part decor and part function.

The Pivot to Home Offices or “Office-Possible” Spaces

Speaking of office space, homes with additional bedrooms or bonus rooms are now being billed as having an option for a home office, an option that was usually considered much more nice-to-have than a necessity in the past. Now, rooms that are large enough to double as both a guest bedroom and an office are valued, and more and more design options are available to make one’s office feel comfortable and functional, including a big jump in available options for well-designed, beautiful office furniture.

Decorating with Plants and Air Purifiers

While people did often take time outdoors during the early months of the pandemic, urban life took on a bit of a stagnant feel when it felt dangerous to go out into crowded streets. As a result, stylish air purifiers and a ton of house plants became common design elements to make one’s home air as healthy as possible if one couldn’t get out into nature otherwise. The look of these items is timeless and continues to appeal, so it’s no surprise that these decor elements will stick around.

Furniture That Meshes Modularity With Permanence

Things like desks that fold out from the side of couches or chairs, or furniture that looks permanent but actually has recessed wheels for easy movement are growing in popularity. With so many people making their homes into all-purpose spaces for work and leisure, furniture that can move easily and become something different when the need arises became more valuable.

Inside/Outside Spaces As a Premium Add-On

If your home has a glass solarium, a screened porch, or a sunroom, chances are it got lots of use during the pandemic, offering an excellent mix of good sunshine and the comfort of the indoors. These spaces have always been a value add for homes, but after the pandemic, these spaces have become increasingly popular, giving people the option to work from home and from nature at the same time. Your great real estate agent can help you stage this space to the best effect.

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