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5 Kitchen Features that Add Value to your Rental Home

For some tenants, the kitchen could easily sway their choice when deciding between two or more rentals. Thus, it is undoubtedly worth starting in the kitchen for any landlord considering a renovation. But, do you wonder what upgrades have the most return on investment? Are you looking for the perfect project for maximum profits? Then, stick around till the end of this article to find the answers. By the end of this post, we’ll reveal the top 5 kitchen features that add value to your rental home.

5 Kitchen Features that Add Value to your Rental Home

1.   Energy-Efficient Appliances

Give your tenants the feeling of living in the 21st century with energy-efficient appliances that make their lives easier. This upgrade is one of the best ways to improve the rental property experience for your renters. Luckily, the kitchen is an excellent place to invest in high-value equipment.

Technologically advanced dishwashers, refrigerators, and stoves can make your home look more modern. If you run a furnished or semi-furnished unit, you could also throw in gadgets like a smart coffee maker or microwave.

Of course, these energy-efficient appliances aren’t just pretty to look at. But, as the name implies, they can save you a ton of money on electricity. Even if you’re not the one footing the bill, your tenants would surely appreciate the savings they can make. Many people would, in turn, be willing to pay a little extra to live on your property.

2.   Modern Cabinetry

Another feature that can add value to your rental home is modern cabinetry. Unfortunately, dull and worn-out cabinets have a way of making your kitchen look tired and dirty. Instead, opt for a minor remodel by swapping your old ones to give the room a more modern taste. This renovation is one landlords often overlook because cabinets tend to take a beating over time. However, replacing them with brand new ones can lift your kitchen instantly.

If you’re on a tight budget, you can still manage to make something work. For instance, repainting your old cabinets would be a good idea. Glossy paint can also give it a more refined finish that’s more resistant to wear and tear. Also, if you have a few extra dollars, you can invest in more stylish cabinet fixtures. Between a fresh coat of paint and modern hardware, your kitchen could look like something out of Pinterest.

3.   Upgraded Countertops

Upgrade your kitchen workplace to spruce up your cooking area and attract more tenants. Like cabinets, countertops tend to see a lot of wear and tear, perhaps even more. Thus, property owners must choose durable materials during their selection. In addition, your countertops should be resistant to water, heat, and scratch. Quartz, granite, and certain tiles fit neatly into this category and are easily affordable depending on the type.

A couple of things you should remember when choosing countertops for the kitchen also include knowing the correct size. This upgrade is usually not cheap, and the last thing you want is to run out of material or have too much excess. Hence, it would be best if you tried to list the accurate measurements. Further, you should also check the electrical wiring in your kitchen before laying new counters. That way, you can ensure your chosen layout matches the outlet.

4.   Durable Flooring

Swap out your old and tired flooring for a newer and cleaner layout. Flooring is a crucial aspect of any interior design, and it’s hard to ignore when it doesn’t fit. However, it’s essential to get it right in the kitchen for aesthetic and functional purposes. On the former, remember that the floor takes up a good chunk of the kitchen and its visuals could be inviting or scary.

As far as functionality goes, it is one of the most vital needs of a kitchen. You’ll need something that can withstand heat, water, and stains, as cooking can sometimes be chaotic. Thus, it wouldn’t do you any good to install carpets that can be challenging to clean or laminate tiles that aren’t resistant to water. Instead, prioritize more durable flooring options like matte tiles, which are non-slip, or hardwood which are functional and aesthetically pleasing.

5.   Top-tier Lighting

Finally, no kitchen would be complete without top-tier lighting. Without proper lighting, seeing would be difficult and an avenue for accidents. Thus, instead of dealing with injury suits, invest in upgraded light fixtures that illuminate your kitchen correctly.

LED bulbs are a popular go-to because they are inexpensive kitchen updates and long-lasting. They’re also energy-efficient, which means they can lower your energy bill. However, if you’re going for a more sophisticated and modern layout, it would be best to consider under cabinet and countertop lights. These strip lights are often easy to plug in and set up. Besides their apparent aesthetic feel, they improve functionality in the kitchen by illuminating specific spots.


Redecorating projects can be fun, but it’s wise to set your priorities for anyone on a limited budget. For landlords that aim to make more money, that means putting it in upgrades with a high cost-to-profit ratio. The 5 kitchen features that add value to your rental home should give you some ideas for your next update.

However, if you need guidance from a trained professional, don’t hesitate to contact a property management company. An expert property manager can help you evaluate the best option for your unit and create a budget to finance it.

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