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5 reasons why you need to decorate your room with shaggy carpets!

The old European fluffy rugs are now commonly known as the Shaggy Carpets. These rugs are known for their fluffy texture that makes a cozy vibe. Making them a perfect fit for your bedrooms and office spaces. You can easily add an elegant touch to the whole look and feel of the room by adding shaggy carpets. Still skeptical about buying them? Here are 5 reasons why you must get your hands on these beautiful carpets.

Add a pop of colour to your room: Sometimes when we are designing a room, we get carried away by the colour scheme that is decided. We just stick to those colours and do not experiment out of that range. With this, we end up creating a room which feels a little monotonous and dichromatic with all the colours and conscious matching in the same palette. In order to add a pop of colour which will break the attention of the viewer, you can get shaggy carpets. These carpets will not just become the centre of your guest’s attraction but also a good change.

Adds to your aesthetics: If you have created a functional room with minimal furniture and decor then the shaggy carpets. The carpet can be and a much-needed touch of decor to your room. Adding a rug is a better way to layer style in your room. If you are looking for a minimalistic look even then the rug can fit in perfectly well. It is a misconception that rugs go well with the artistic room decor as they perfectly blend in with any theme.

Perfect for a cozy corner: One of the most defining characteristics of shaggy carpets is that they have a fluffy outer structure. This texture and structure make them comfortable carpets for kids’ nurseries or offices. If you have created a rubbed or a more industrialist theme in your home then adding this carpet would neutralize the whole look. For everyone looking forward to creating a cozy spot for themselves in the house then, they must consider including the Shaggy carpets in it.

Adds warmth to your cold floors: Generally designers and decorators only focus on the looks of the house and skip functionality. Carpets were initially used to thermal insulate the floors. In the winter season, they were used to cover the cold marble floors which provided extra comfort and warmth to our feet. These are healthy for your kids and pets to rest on them and enjoy their own fun time, and for us adults, they are good for our joints especially if you have elderly people living with you.

Easy to Clean: Many times people avoid getting a carpet because they think it is difficult to maintain them. Carpets are not much of an additional task for keeping your house aesthetically pleasing. Some of these carpets like the shaggy carpets can be easily washed and also cleaned with the help of a vacuum cleaner or steam cleaners.

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