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5 Warning Signs You Need Sewer Cleaning

We all know that the sewer line is one of the most important features in a house. This awareness lies in the fact that clogged sewers are household dilemmas that need to be resolved in the soonest time possible.  Apart from that, a blocked sewer could become a health hazard since these may cause mould and mildew buildup inside your home. For that reason, you’ll need a sewer clean-out.

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However, since sewers are situated underground, most homeowners in Sydney are not aware of when should they schedule a clean-out. Fortunately, there are several ways to find out when you are supposed to have your sewer line cleaned; and they’re as follows:

Bad Odour From Drains

Sewer blockages are the main culprits behind foul-smelling blocked stormwater drain in Sydney. The reason as to why this happens stems from the buildup of bacteria inside the drain and in the clogs themselves. Also, the accumulation of moulds and mildew around the fixture may contribute to the odour; and that’s not something you’d want to have near your plumbing system at home.

A blocked sewer line could restrict the flow of decomposing sewage, which results in the release of toxic fumes that make you cover your nose every time you get near the bathroom drain, for instance. It’s easy to resolve this matter if it’s a drain-related issue. However, if this has something to do with your drain, you may have to call in a specialist to have your sewer line checked.

Water Moving Slowly Down the Drain

Several reasons may cause water to move slowly down the drain. Having a blocked sewer line falls under this category. One of the main reasons for this dilemma is the excessive amount of grease or scum that has accumulated within the sewer pipes over time. Another is the invading tree roots that have made a home inside the main sewer.

However, since it isn’t easy to confirm if the problem lies in your main sewer line, you may want to clear the drains in your fixtures first. For that matter, turn to DIY clearing solutions before consulting a plumber for residential sewer repair seattle wa. If the problem persists, that’s the time when you may have to consider a sewer clean-out.

Water Pooling in the Yard

A blocked sewer line may eventually result in leakage because the pipes become weak and brittle over time. During such instances, the water leaking from your sewage line could into the soil around your property. The ground may become saturated with sewer water and cause puddles to form on the surface.

Mind you, wastewater is downright stinky, if not disgusting. Things could get worse if you let this water stand for days. If you suspect you have a water leakage because of a blocked and broken sewer line, there’s no point in waiting to make matters worse. Contact an expert and have your dilemma sorted out as soon as possible.

Water Backing Up in Fixtures

When water goes back up in your fixtures, this is a telltale sign that you have a sewer problem. This issue may manifest not just in one fitting, like the toilet, for example, but in multiple fixtures, such as the showers, sinks, and even in bathtubs. Additionally, this problem may occur all at the same time, which can be a total headache.

The explanation behind this is that your plumbing is composed of a network of pipes. All the wastewater goes down into the sewer line. However, in the case of a blockage, that water will have to go somewhere else. Thus, water backs up in the tub or drain, and may even overflow at times, whether you like it or not.

Clogging in Multiple Fixtures

Troubleshooting a single clogged drain isn’t difficult since you’d know the problem is limited to that particular fitting alone. If several fixtures are involved, however, that’s a different story. The issue may stem from a blocked sewer line, which is not easy to confirm because of its inconspicuous location.

If you’ve encountered such a dilemma before, you will need to contact an experienced plumber in Sydney who can perform the necessary steps to determine if you need a sewer clean-out. If you detect you have a blocked sewer, confirm if a licensed professional has the means to inspect your sewer line.

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