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5 Ways To Reduce The Household Wastes In London

Household waste, as compared to any other form of waste, accumulates very fast. You don’t realize it until you wake up to empty overflowing garbage can every morning. Which is very costly, to begin with. Secondly, pests breed best in dirty places. If your kitchen is ever full of waste food, you only have yourself to blame for any infestation of roaches, bugs and rodents.

Having said that, here are 5 ways to reduce the household wastes in London;

  1. Shop Wisely

Shopping wisely starts from the choice of your carrier bags. Instead of buying too many small plastic bags, use one or two woolen bags. The big advantage of woolen bags is that you can use them over and over again.

You don’t just use a reusable bag and stop at that. Almost everything you shop should be reusable and with minimum packaging. Instead of shopping packed fruits and vegetables in the supermarket, consider going to the market for the same products, with no wrappers at all.

  1. Donate Household Goods;

Instead of throwing away, or keeping in the house items you don’t need anymore, give them to someone in need. You are more than welcome to take your children’s toys to orphanages, donate clothes to prison, give or sell old books to local schools, and so much more.

You don’t show kindness only through giving money or new stuff; donations are also helpful. Don’t fret in case your job is too demanding for this; London Rubbish Removal will instantly respond to your call, at a very budget friendly cost.

  1. Minimize Food Wastage;

Some studies show that 95% of food disposed as waste in London is good food. This is caused by poor meal planning, and lack of enough knowledge in food preservation. Reduce the amount of food that goes to waste by shopping only what you can consume. Keep foods that need refrigeration in the refrigerator, and those that don’t, in an open place.

Before you prepare a meal, make sure it is enough for the people present so as to reduce leftovers.

  1. Say No To Junk Mail;

Nobody wants a mailbox full of papers they don’t even read. If you’re not a bookworm, or the free magazine dropped in your mail box doesn’t help in any way, leave a message. Tell the senders in a nice way that you appreciate their free service, but would request to be removed from their list. Simple!

  1. You Don’t Need Plastic;

Most countries are banning the use of disposable plastic materials, including the straw we use on sodas. When buying utensils, for instance spoons, glasses and plates, opt for melamine, metallic or anything apart from plastic. Straws, bottles and one-time use coffee mugs and water bottles should stay completely out of your space.

Evidently, most of these methods are tasks you can do on your own.

London Rubbish Removal is a leading rubbish removal company in London, we pride ourselves of offering affordable rubbish removal services. Our customers include residential homes, businesses, offices, and much more. Feel free to call us now for a free no obligation quote.

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