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7 Surprising Ways for Using Storage Baskets

Storage baskets are stylish and practical ideas for capturing clutter in a home. They are perfect storage solutions for everyday items. Modern homes incorporate this aspect of storage and pan out just fine. Woven baskets also add a touch of class into the living room. They easily blend in with the furniture and other items to create the perfect living space for you and your kin.

Further, baskets are inexpensive and come in at a very affordable price. Therefore, they are the perfect affordable storage solution for you.

Here are some common ways of using storage baskets right at home:

  • Indoor plants

Plants not only add a green feel to your living space but also produce oxygen which can be used to give fresh air to your home. During the day, green plants give out oxygen and take in carbon dioxide. You can use these green plants to boost circulation of fresh air in your home.

Additionally, green plants complement woven baskets in a rather natural way. A nice and tall basket would make for the perfect planter for one potted plant. Bigger baskets can play host to a collection of potted plants where you can even mix colours to further decorate the living room.

  • Storing firewood

If you own a home with a fireplace, then you probably know the importance of having ready dry wood during a cold night. Baskets are the perfect solution for this type of problem. Simply position a tall basket on the hearth and place some dry logs.

By doing this, you will be keeping the logs off the floor and also at the same time, keeping your wood close to your hand where you can easily reach out. They also make for a creative decoration around the fireplace.

  • Storage of toys

A child’s bedroom can sometimes seem plain because of lack of decorative items. By placing a storage basket in the room, you not only decorate the space, but also place a storage solution for all the toys.

Toys can sometimes be a menace as they can destroy your entire living-room setting. That is why it’s always important to keep all of them in a single place.

Further, a deep basket which is spacious and has a liner can be used to hold all the bits of toys in a very simple fashion.

  • Bathroom essentials

Who says baskets only go in living rooms and bedrooms? You can just as easily place all the bathroom essentials like fresh towels and toilet papers in a woven storage basket. It will keep all the items collected in a single place thus simplifying your life much more.

  • Hang it!

Putting your storage basket up against a wall can prove to be a well curated way of both decorating and storing essential items. You can provide your kids with a storage area where they can easily reach for their toys and other items. However, you may consider personalizing each basket to help the child keep their things in order.

  • Cellar storage

For many centuries, baskets have been used to transport food items and other things. Therefore, if you have 12 or 20 bottles of wine, it is wise to use oversize baskets to help in the storage. They may also add a chic feel to your cellar

  • Use baskets to keep everyday essentials

Cutlery baskets are usually kept close to the door. You can use them to keep wallets, phones and even keys. It will play an essential role in keeping the mess off the counter.

Wrapping up

You no longer have to purchase expensive storage units to keep your everyday stuff. Simply use these baskets for your everyday use.

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