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Best Storage Units in Long Beach  

While renting a storage unit, there are several factors you need to consider. The facility’s location, size, ease of access, and on top of all, the renting price. Besides a storage unit satisfying several of the aspects, it must be affordable. However, that does not mean that the cheapest storage unit provides the best services that you would anticipate, and hence, you need to define your requirements precisely.

So, are you looking for a space in Long Beach, California, to store your belongings? Have a look at the following storage units Long Beach-based facilities.

Pouch Self Storage and RV

Pouch Self Storage has provided self-storage services in Long Beach since its establishment in 1969. Located in 1856 Cherry Avenue, Pouch Self-storage and RV has modernized, clean and secure facilities with computer monitoring systems installed. They offer free pick-up services, letting you load and unload your goods into their transport trucks. Hotels and restaurants nearby render the facility suitable for storage of both personal and business items.

Lakewood Self Storage

Founded in 1975, Lakewood self-storage facility has since served Long Beach region and its surrounding areas. The facility is situated in 3969 Paramount Blvd which greatly enhances accessibility. Here, large storage units are accommodating large quantities of items while they are climate controlled, boxes and moving supplies, and month to month renting services. Their services are affordable, and you will always get a response to your quote request within a day.

AAA Quality Self Storage

Customers’ contentment is crucial in every business, and AAA Quality Self Storage has ensured a preserved customer relationship through the provision of quality services. They reward new customers by offering redeemable vouchers worth $125, and valid for one year. Moreover, once you purchase their services, you will have the opportunity to experience their clean, exceptional storage facility with free pick up services. Commercial services are also available, as well as month to month rentals and boxes and moving supplies.

Clutter Storage

While self-storage units suit individuals relocating or traveling, at times all you want is a storage space for your extra items. Clutter storage started in 2013, is your ultimate solution for such needs. They will provide room for your items, and any time you need them back, they will deliver them to you. Besides, they will take photos of each of your item and upload them in your online account. That way, you can keep track of your items. So, if your items seem to take much of your apartment’s space, then you should consider contacting Clutter Storage for dependable storing.


Before considering any of the storage units Long Beach assumes, you should first establish their reliability. You can visit their specific website and go through some of their customers’ reviews while you can request for quotes and compare their prices.


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