Thu. Dec 8th, 2022

Buy a Dream House by investing with a Stock Brokers

Home is one of the main human needs. The reason is, the house is a shelter for the whole family from the scorching heat and rainstorms. However, house prices continue to soar so many young couples end up choosing to contract or rent because they can’t afford to buy a house. So, sometimes the income received per month runs out to rent a house and cannot be used for other things.

Investment to Buy Your Dream Home 

This housing problem is also what makes the current millennial generation delay getting married. They are more comfortable living in a rented or boarding house because it is enough for them to live alone. It’s different if you are married who need a wider place to live, so buying a house is a must.

Dreamhouse to live in or as an investment. Been trying to raise money, but it’s not enough. Understandably, house prices reach hundreds of millions per unit.

The way you set aside money to buy a house is correct. But it should not be in the form of savings, but an investment. Saving the bank interest is small. Average 0.25 percent to 2 percent per year. Meanwhile, the inflation rate ranges from 3 percent to 5 percent per year. Instead of increasing savings, they decreased because inflation was eroded. Not to mention the monthly administrative fee discount.

If you invest in the right stock brokers investment instrument, it can provide a fairly large return or yield. To be sure, investment returns are usually higher than inflation. Your money will grow or increase a lot. That way, you can achieve your goal of buying a house through investment.

Stock investment

To be able to collect tens of millions of money for a house down payment or cash worth hundreds of millions, you need an investment instrument that can give big returns. One of them is a stock investment. Indeed, no one knows for sure stock returns in a year. But the average ranges from 12 to 15 percent per year. It could even be more than 20 percent. Very far from saving interest, right? This profit is potentially higher if you invest in stocks in the long term.

 Lo Kheng Hong alone once stole 5,900 percent of the stock investment returns that were allowed to “sleep” for 6 years. If you can buy shares of a company that has good fundamentals, it’s not impossible to print thousands of percent of the money in just 1-2 years. No need to wait long, you can buy a house from the investment results.

Therefore, invest in stockbrokers that you know, such as the business, the owner, to the financial statements. A collection of company shares whose owners are honest, have integrity and have a good track record. Next, choose a business that is good, prints big profit growth, and has a low valuation. Stock investing is tempting. But keep in mind, investing in this instrument also carries a high risk. If the stock price is falling, you can lose big.

Investment if you want maximum results to need to be done in the long term. So, don’t go back and forth. Realize it now, so you can set aside money for investment more quickly and enjoy the benefits. Thus, your target and goal of buying a house can be achieved. Not just talk without real action.

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