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Check out now these practical tips on how to clean roof

The roof can accumulate garbage (dry leaves, branches, feathers, etc.), especially in regions where there is a lot of wind. And did you know that this can cause several problems? The first problem is related to “water infiltration” by clogging the gutters and pipes. It slowly damages the wall and the attics. However, dirt accumulation always attracts not very desired visitors, like cockroaches and scorpions. Impregnating the tiles, the accumulation of dirt impairs the aesthetics of the construction. Follow our tips and escape this trap.

When should the roof be cleaned?

The ideal is that the cleaning of the roof follows a certain periodicity. At least these following tasks must be performed: gutter cleaning, garbage removal and checking for broken tiles. Whenever you are uncomfortable with the aesthetic aspect of the tiles, provide a more intense cleaning with special materials and high pressure water jets.

Do not run the risk of cleaning the roof yourself. Hire specialized company for Roof cleaning services. They have trained professionals. The hiring of a specialized company is also necessary to guarantee a quality service with no risks for those who go up in coverage. Roof cleaning can be carried out at any time of the year, as long as the weather collaborates on the day of the services, without rain or risks to the worker.

How to clean roof safely and effectively?

As you are told, the most recommended is to hire a company specialized in the subject, which has experienced employees and offers them all the necessary protective equipment. However, if that is not possible, here are some of the main tips for you to be able to execute the process as safely as possible.

  • Position the ladder carefully: Most roof cleaning accidents happen during ascent or descent. An improperly positioned ladder does not provide the necessary strength to support a person’s weight and movement, thus increasing the chances of falling. 
  • Purchase specific products: There are specific products on the market for cleaning roofs, which vary according to the tile material. 
  • Use safety equipment: It is always important to carry safety equipment when cleaning at heights so that the damage is less. 
  • Step on wooden boards for greater stability while you are on top of the roof. 
  • Use a high pressure cleaner: This type of machine brings more strength to the water jet, making it work as an excellent mechanical remover of that dirt that is more encrusted in the tiles. 


It is important to take care of your comfort throughout the process. For this, choose cold and cloudy days to avoid sunburn and thermal discomfort. And don’t forget that a large part of the clean waste will be directed to the gutters. 

However, it is highly recommended to hire a professional company.


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