Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024

Claim Filing Checklist

Investing in a home will likely be the most expensive one a person will make in their life. 

Regrettably, the maintenance costs requires for your home do not end after purchase. Roof replacements, HVAC repairs, and storm damage are bound to happen. 

In order to mitigate these risks it is important that everyone have homeowner’s insurance, but even that will not cover everything. Insurance is a business, so the providers are looking to save as much as possible, and that can lead to them taking advantage of their clients who do not know any better. 

Each claim that is made on an insurance policy could lead to higher premiums in the future, or even to your policy being dropped completely. So how can one know when it is worth it and when it would be better to pay for a repair with your own money? There are some easy rules a person can follow so that they can be confident they are making the best choice for their situation, and they could save you tons long term. 

Check out the accompanying infographic to learn more about what those are, and how you can best protect your investment.  


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