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Different Types and Styles of Designer Sofas in Modern Home

Sofas are an important purchase and a major investment in the house in terms of both the expense and design. They are the largest furniture in a living room and anchor the space. Sofas bring the tone of a room and steer the décor style and also the look. Below are some the popular types of sofas and the best décor styles they work with;

  1. Sectional Sofas

These come in a variety of design styles. When smaller sofa units are combined in distinct sizes we get the sectional sofas. They make an arrangement of furniture more flexible. They are more casual and mostly found in families where they gather to watch or play games. They’re used in homes with spacious rooms. They come in a variety of styles including family-friendly, and ultra-modern. They are very flexible as they can combine reclining sections, corner units depending on space and one’s preference.

  1. Sofa beds and Futon.

These are most favored in small spaces. The back of the sofa can be lowered to be a bed. A futon is usually more comfortable as compared to a sofa bed. The seat folds out into a full-size bed. They are not usually comfortable as they use a thin mattress but there is an option of using an inflatable air mattress.

  1. Chesterfield Sofa

It is one of the classic designer sofas. The back and arm of the sofa are of one height and the back of the sofa is deeply tufted with buttons. They were traditionally made of leather but can also be done in fabric. Ideal for a living room or a more formal office.

  1. Cabriole Sofa

This sofa design is known for its elegant legs and exposed the wood and its unique shape. The back of it has no cushions it’s continuous and has elegant curving lines. It can be simple or luxurious as one desires. It is made of velvet-like materials. It makes a room look so classy.

  1. Mid-Century Modern Sofa

This sofa style incorporates new designs, vintage pieces or reproductions. Are used in minimalist designs and bring a retro feel to the room. Its characteristics include linear structures and exposed legs. Some of these sofas have some tufting on the back.

  1. Lawson Sofa

It is usually comfortable and simple. It has three back cushions and seat cushions. The back is taller and the cushions box-shaped. Ideal for napping. The current Lawson sofas can incorporate wood or metal in the arms. It has a unique shape and depending on fabric choice it can be casual, luxurious or formal.

  1. Bridgewater Sofa

This sofa style is casual and comfortable. It creates a casual, friendly space. They are adaptable depending on the covering chosen.  Done in more formal fabrics it gives the sofa a magnificent look. Bridgewater Sofas have low arms and a high back which makes it look more casual.

  1. Settee

These are used as secondary seating and not the main seating in a room. Have a slighter, elegant shape than a full sofa. It can accommodate two people only. It has wooden legs, a shallow seat, and high straight back. They have attached seat cushions and are mostly used in parlors or formal living rooms.


Choosing the right kind of sofa for your home is not an easy task. It is important that you do your research well and plan in terms of color and size.

Décor’s preferences and lifestyles are key factors in deciding on the types of sofas. The usage of the sofa and style of the space should be considered as well.

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