Mon. Aug 19th, 2019

Do Self-Storage Units Have Electricity?

When push comes to shove, we all want to have our cake and eat it. That’s why many of us feel the desire to enjoy spacious minimalist decor while keeping hold of the belongings we love. Life is too short, after all, and all this going without is drastically overrated. So, in an attempt to achieve the look we want without getting rid, many of us are opting for alternatives like self-storage units for the best of both worlds.

Whether you want to store your garden furniture or clothes you might wear again one day, the Horsham storage units and more provided by Henfield Storage and companies like them could make it happen. Before signing up for a rental like this, though, you might have a few questions.

Aside from wondering about size and security, many self-storage seekers want to know whether they can expect electricity. We live in an interconnected age, after all, and power is often a priority.

In all honesty, though, electricity is not a standard offering in the majority of self-storage units. Here, we’re going to look at why, and whether there are any exceptions to the rule.

Why many storage units cut the power

In the majority of cases, self-storage units for personal use do not have electricity. This can come as something of a blow to those looking to install lights or other devices within their units, but there are sensible reasons why this is the case. To help you understand why your facility might not offer this, we’re going to look at them here.

For one, electricity in storage units is often a waste. A light or charger which plugs in when you aren’t around can eat a lot of power which is both expensive and environmentally damaging. To keep costs down and practices efficient, then, many facilities don’t offer electricity at all.

It’s also worth noting that electrical uses can become hazards in unmonitored units. Leaving things plugged in and then locking your storage away could lead to fires and other risks which would compromise the security of a storage facility on the whole.

Do any storage facilities offer electricity?

That’s not to say that electricity is out of the question for all facilities. Storage units aimed towards businesses rather than individuals, for instance, are more liable to come complete with electrical uses. This is especially the case as many people take to storage units for remote work. And, that’s a trend which looks set to increase and change the storage industry on the whole.

Even if a facility near you doesn’t offer electricity now then, there’s a chance that they will in the future. For now, simply keep your electricals at home, and use your storage unit for things which don’t need a plug. Either that, or seek a specialist facility which allows you to get connected. While you may end up paying a little more, you might find it worthwhile if your storage needs rely on electricity in some way.

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