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Five Cheapest Places to Buy Property in Romania

Romania is a beautiful country famous for the Carpathian Mountains, deep, dense forests, wildlife, salt mines, and beautiful landscapes. It is one of the most attractive destinations for people who want to have a cheap but comfortable lifestyle.

Almost 24% of working individuals are paid minimum wage. Therefore, the prices of food and other daily necessities are minimum to avoid social problems. Romania is a relatively cheap and affordable destination to live and buy property. Many places of romaine have the lowest prices in the EU. Five cheapest places to buy property in Romania include

  1.     Craiova

Craiova is a very beautiful city situated in southwestern Romania. This city has a lot to offer with its entertainment, nightclubs and delicious international food.

One of the best places to visit in Craiova is Nicolae Romanesco Park as it is the third-largest park in the entire Europe.

Craiova is not that expensive to live in as one can manage to have a decent living with almost 500 Euros a month. Property prices are quite reasonable, and you can buy an apartment at an average price of $70,000 for a quick property sale.

  1.     Braila

Braila is a small but beautiful city located in Muntenia, eastern Romania. Braila might not be your first choice to visit in Romania, but this city is located on the Danube river port and it is the country’s second-largest port.

This city has plenty of tourist potential, and its history is multicultural. While visiting the city, you can enjoy the historical sites and beautiful architecture. You can buy both cheap and expensive property in Braila.

If you are looking for an affordable house, you can buy a cheap apartment at an average price of $62,000.

  1.     Blaj

Blaj is located in Alba Transylvanian, Romania. It was a cultural and religious center of the Romanian Greek-Catholic Church. This city was the center for Romanian age of Enlightenment. This city is not so famous from a tourist point of view but the people who are interested in Romanian history come to visit this place.

The property price is also very affordable here. You can buy a cheap apartment at an average price of $50,000.

  1.     Buzau

Buzau is a city in Romania. It has been an economic center to Bucharest administrative subdivision. It has developed over time and has become a developed city. Buzau is the railway hub in south-eastern Romania.

The most important landmark of this city is the communal palace built between 1899 to 1903. This place is the home of diverse and charming landscapes, plains on the West’s eats, and mountains.

This city is perfect for the growth of grapes and vineyards famous all-around Romanian and other countries.

There are many churches and other areas to visit. The property price is also reasonable in this city, and you can find a cheap apartment at an average price of $44,000.

  1.     Rasnov

It is a town situated in Transylvania, Romania. It is mostly famous for its fortress and parks, but it is also home to the impressive cave system.

It is not a very popular town, but changes have been made over time, and the people who want to buy property in a rapidly developing town can buy property here. Property can be bought at affordable rates of $29,000.



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