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How Can I Find a Local HVAC Company to Repair My AC?


Climate change has turned air conditioners from luxury to commonplace objects. In the past, they were installed only in places where people fought with boiling temperatures, but now almost every home has one.

In order to install, maintain or replace them, you need a HVAC company which takes care of all repairs and services related to ACs. It’s normal for these units to show certain defects during the years, but with regular maintenance and immediate repairs you can prolong their lifespan as much as you can.

Air conditioners are not meant to serve you forever, but you should provide good care of them in order to function longer. You need the help of HVAC contractors who are in charge of the repairs and annual maintenance.

You can find numerous HVAC companies in your local area, but not all of them are trustworthy and provide quality work. Read the following tips which can help you to find the right local company for repairing your air conditioner.

Ask for references

The starting point of your search for the right contractor is to ask people who have already hired one, to share their experience. You’ll probably find numerous friends and relatives in your surrounding who installed or repaired their air conditioner recently. Ask them if the handymen finished the job on time and within budget and if they did any damage to their property during the procedure.

If these recommendations are not enough for you, you can always ask the candidates to provide references of previous clients. You can contact them and ask all the questions you think are relevant. You can also read online reviews of the local companies, but don’t trust them too much as they tend to be overrated. The best references are collected in person.

Check the licenses of the HWAC Company

Another significant factor to check is whether your potential candidates have proper licenses in this industry. The rules for obtaining a license vary across states and countries, but the contractor should have at least five years’ experience before applying for one. You should check the rules in the place where you live and see if they comply with the regulations. Read more about the requirements for getting a HWAC license.

Apart from being licensed, these handymen should have certificates which prove their level of education and training in this area as well as their knowledge of the latest trends. This industry is changing quickly, so they must keep up with the modern technologies and procedures.

Last but not least, companies should have proper insurance, which would cover all the expenses of the workers in case of an accident. If the workers are not insured, you will be the one paying for their injury at work.

Assessment of your home

Every local company should provide evaluation of your home prior to setting a price for the project. Contractors should evaluate the size of your home, the air flow, the number of windows, possible leaks, quality of insulation etc. Based on all these factors, they can calculate the cost and give you a timeframe in which the project would be completed.

As HWAC systems cost a lot of money, make sure you have your home evaluated by at least three companies in order to compare prices and witness their work during the inspection. Inquire about the brands they use as the cost usually varies as a result of brands.

Once you make your decision, don’t forget to ask for a written document and contract which should contain all information related to the project and guarantee that it will be respected. It should include the deadline of the project, the payment date, the agreed cost and the potential additional fees.

Special offers

Prior to hiring a HWAC company, ask around if you can get some refund for installing energy-efficient systems. Some governments offer incentives which help people purchase greener systems, by partially refunding the cost. However, these systems will also save you further costs in the future.

Therefore, gather all the information you need and be prepared when you are interviewing your candidates. If there is a government incentive that goes in your favor, don’t hesitate to use it. Click on the following link:, to learn more about energy tax credits in 2019.

Wrap up

Purchasing and installing a heating and air conditioning system is a huge and long-term investment which can’t be trusted in everybody’s hands.

Do not hurry in choosing the right HWAC contractor. Spend some time asking for references, check licenses, have your home evaluated in order to determine the cost and inquire about any special offers in your area.

Choosing a reliable company means less additional expenses and worries. Make a good choice!





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