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How Does Trenchless Pipe Relining Work?

Trenchless drain relining is one of the most efficient choices when dealing with issues in drain and sewer systems. Although considered as a new technology, far from the traditional methods that we are used to, it is considered as a cost effective, especially in situations where heavy excavation processes are needed. Relining pipes with epoxy resin, instead of replacing them with new ones also takes less time and is quite beneficial especially for properties who would like to avoid downtime and disturbances in their area.

How Does It Work?

Rehabilitating old, cracked and leaking sewer pipes used to be a time consuming job. Most sewer pipes are made of clay, concrete and iron, making it quite difficult to remove and replace. Trenchless pipe relining was developed to be able to provide a non-intrusive plumbing solution that makes it possible to repair drain and sewer pipes, minus the hassle and the time-consuming process of digging up your property.

Trenchless pipe relining simply requires a video camera inspection, a process that helps determine areas in the drain pipe system that requires repair, pipe cleaning and epoxy resin application. Through the process, a layer of epoxy resin is bonded to the existing pipe system, seamlessly removing all gaps, leaks, and cracks in your piping systems. It also improves water flow in your piping system, making it twice as efficient as before.

The Trenchless Drain Relining Process

There are three basic processes included in the trenchless relining process – CCTV drain inspection, sewer pipe cleaning and resin application.

  • CCTV Drain Inspection

The common issues with sewer and drain pipes are leaks, blocks, cracks and root intrusion from nearby trees. To be able to determine areas that require repair and rectification, without having to dig up your pipes, CCTV cameras installed in controlled vehicles are remotely controlled to see the entire pipe system and to be able to determine areas in the drain system that require repair. From the inspection, the licenced plumber can create a diagnosis, a repair plan and cost estimate to be presented and approved by the client.

  • High Pressure Pipe Cleaning

Before applying the epoxy resin to reline your sewer pipes, it is important to ensure that your pipes are free from blocks, clogs and other debris. A hydro jet is used to flush out the sludge and debris inside the pipe system. A high pressure water jet makes it possible to break down grease, even the deep penetrating and hardened ones by pulverizing them throughout the jetting process. Even minor tree roots that have entered your drain pipes are also pulverized and removed by the process.

Interestingly, a few people think that hydro jetting can cause more damage to a pipe system. This is true when hydro jetting is performed by a non-professional. The process only utilizes water, powered by pressure, which is a safe, chemical-free, and eco-friendly method to clean out pipes and remove blockages, especially before a rectification process.

  • Epoxy Resin Application

After drain pipes are cleared, CCTV cameras are sent down to do one final inspection before epoxy resins are applied to the pipes. Epoxy resin is mixed with a hardening agent before it is poured repetitively to the liner to ensure even distribution along the entire length of the pipe area to be fixed.

The resin requires to be cured to be able to create a strong and hard protective coating along the pipe area. Most of the time, the resin is left to cure by itself.

Trenchless pipe repairs clearly shows how the plumbing industry has improved through the years, creating a seamless, safe and less invasive process, beneficial for clients as well as the environment.

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