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How to Avoid Blocked Drains In Your Property

Blocked drains are caused by excessive negligence in what goes in and out your drainage system as well as deterioration caused by time. However, these can be prevented or there are ways to keep your drains and sewer working in their top condition.

With most of the household staying at home due to the Covid-19 pandemic, you can expect an increase in the number of flushable wipes, toilet paper and other debris being flushed in bathrooms, causing troubles for our drains and causing blocked drain Sydney and clogs in your toilet. Contact a trusted company for clogged drain cleaning fall river ma.

It is a hassle to have a backed-up kitchen sink and toilets that do not flush, so you might as well follow some of the basic tips to avoid such in the future.

Avoid Food Waste in your Kitchen Sink

Food waste is one of the most common causes of clogs and blockages in your kitchen drain. With kids around the house who are not cautious with the things they put in the dishwasher, food waste is quite common.

You can install a strainer in your kitchen sink to catch any food particles that have been left from your dishes or that food debris that have been accidentally dropped into the kitchen sink. A quick rinse will allow you to remove these waste to collect to avoid them from entering your drain lines.

Be Cautious of What is Being Flushed Away

As much as possible, do not flush sanitary wipes or feminine hygiene products down the toilet drain. These items take time to decompose and can cause clogs and blockages in your toilet. Most of these items can absorb water making it difficult to break down easily.

It would be best to teach your children to put used toilet papers into garbage bins instead of flushing them to the toilet. Place a garbage bin near your toilet area that is specifically allocated for tissue and other hygiene product disposal.

Keep Your Shower Drains Clear and Clean

To keep your shower drains clear and clean at all times, you can use a drain cover to prevent hair from falling down the drain. One of the best DIY methods to keep shower drains clean and clear is by regularly rinsing it with a cup of vinegar or a handful of baking soda mixed with water.

These materials are the most commonly used household items to clear our drains in your property. As for other drains in your homes, avoid pouring grease and oils down the drain. They can build up, especially during the cold season and can easily clog your drains and sewer lines.

Avoid Pouring Cooking Oil Down the Drain

All of the small bits of grease and gravy left on your pans and plates that go down the drain can build up and create something substantial to block and clog your drains. Grease and fat can cling for a long time and may also leave nasty smells that can be dangerous for your health in the long run. Have a specific container for used grease and oil and dispose of them properly.

One of the best methods to prevent clogs and blockages in your drain and sewer system at home is by having discipline. Take time to teach kids, even the older ones to avoid throwing anything down the drain.

Drains and sewers are created to allow liquid waste and water to flow. It was not designed to hold solid materials. It takes time but constantly reminds everyone to be mindful of waste that can cause clogs and blockages but will eventually pay off in due time.

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