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How To Get Rid Of Rodents In-Home Easily?

Below are some of the ways you can try to get rid of rodents in home :-

Rattraps: One of the very common yet potent ways to get rid of rodents is to buy a rattrap. You will have to find out where the mouse or the rat is trying to make its shelter. Then, accordingly set up a rat trap with bits of food inside to attract it. This way you will easily be able to lead these pests outside. If the mouse comes from somewhere outside, then you will have to figure out its entry point before you set up any traps.

Seal the gaps: Rats usually enter the house through small openings or holes in the house. Although mice can make their way through tiny openings too, it is relatively tougher for rats to do so since they are bigger. This is the loophole that can be cleverly used to block the ways of the rats invading your kitchens or rooms. Make sure that you find these holes and seal them permanently using cement. Don’t leave any nook unsealed and this will take care of any future rat invasions in your apartment.

Seal food in airtight containers: Rats usually make their way to the kitchen and build their shelter in places where there is good availability of food. Essentially, always store your food, groceries, and pantry items into airtight containers. This way there is less probability of the rats getting attracted. Rats won’t be able to sense or make their way to the food items if they are stored properly.

Peppermint Oil: Another effective way of shooing the rats away out of your house is to get peppermint oil in the picture. It can be used as a temporary solution if you can’t seal the openings in the house immediately. Rats run away from peppermint. Soak cotton balls in peppermint oil and place them near the suspected entry points of the rats. You can keep them on the entrance and kitchen cabinets too for extra protection.

Onions: If peppermint oil is not available in your house then another effective home remedy to remove rodents are use onions. Rats are not big fans of onion scent either. You can cut a piece of onion and keep them near the holes in the house, entryways, and even kitchen cabinets. If you have any pets in the house, please make sure that you keep the onions at places where your pets cannot reach them. Also, ensure to use a fresh piece of onion every day or every alternate day.

Steel Wool: Since the most effective or permanent way to get rid of rodents is to seal the nooks and holes of your house if there are any. Tough material like steel whool can also be used to block the way of the rats and seal the entryways permanently. Rats cannot chew through steel wool. It is a good replacement if you do not know how to work with cement. You just need to stick steel wool in any entryways or holes in your home and use a strong metal adhesive or wood to keep it intact.


Keep your environment clean and healthy to prevent rodents.Hope this article helped you in certain ways of getting rid of rodents, thanks for reading!


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