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How to Strengthen Your Roof and Protect Your Home

A roof is one of most important parts of a house. It represents the protection that a house provides. If your roof is compromised, then your house is not secure. There are several things you can do to strengthen your roof to protect your home.

  1. Maintain shingles


When shingles are damaged by hail or removed by high winds, it makes your home susceptible rain and flooding. Shingle damage causes your roof to need repair. Always go with a reputable roofing company. Rekote Roofing is one of the agencies that offer high-quality roof restoration and repair services. Make sure to insist on installation of a waterproof underlayment below the shingles to give added protection against the rain. This becomes crucial if strong winds should blow the shingles off your roof.

  1. Be proactive

Take inventory of anything that can become a threat to your roof–trees that may need removal, sheds with no foundation, damaged gutters, a roof that may need to be reshingled, etc. Take steps now to head off potential problems. Spend some time bolting down anything that can be carried away by wind or flood.

Clean your gutters thoroughly and replace them if needed. If you do not want or need to remove nearby trees, trim the branches. The preventive measures you take to preserve and fortify your roof will inevitably pay off down the road. Branches on rooftops may attract critters like squirrels or chipmunks which are notorious for gnawing.

  1. Sweep/rake the roof

Now would also be a good time to purchase a good roof rake to remove any snow or ice, which can weigh a great deal and cause a roof to weaken over time. If you have ice, in particular, don’t try to break it off if it has tightly formed. Let it melt. Get rid of any leaves, rocks, or branches.

  1. Sun damage

The sun is often overlooked when it comes to factors known to damage roofs. But the sun is hot and consistent in many areas of the country. Even in the winter, there are blocks of time where the sun can exert quite a bit of power which can be damaging to roofs. Check for roof and siding materials that have faded or become warped. It is a good idea to have someone to assess all the potential damage to your roof.

  1. Water damage

Check the interior of your roof. If you have an attic or chimney, check for signs that water may have leaked from your roof to these areas in your home. Look for water stains and leaks. Also, look for any pooling water on the roof itself. If you check regularly for signs of water, you can keep it from having an accumulative effect on your roof.

  1. Look for algae, moss, and mould

These plant forms thrive in humid areas like the southeastern United States and can damage roofs because they eat away at shingles, opening the home to rain and flooding. If you have inspected your roof and found any of these three, especially mould, you should have it removed immediately.

  1. Insulation and ventilation

A home should have proper insulation and ventilation. Poor insulation  and ventilation can cause ice dams, which can create structural stress which compromises the integrity of the roof.

Most cases of roof damage could have been avoided with careful, regular maintenance. Having the right roofing company and taking proactive steps to circumvent potential roof damage will save you thousands of dollars and lengthen the life of your roof.

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