Fri. Sep 22nd, 2023

Look for the best Choices in Long Distance Moving

The month of May is just around the corner, and who says May says public holidays. This year, we are spoiled with Friday May 1, Friday May 8 and Ascension Thursday which will allow you to enjoy long weekends in the sun, or to organize your move. Only here, is it possible to move on a public holiday? If we ask for a professional mover, can he work and take care of a move on a public holiday?

Driving prohibitions on a public holiday

Prohibition on movement, moving, summer period, heavy goods vehicles

During a public holiday, heavy goods vehicles are prohibited from driving (on the entire road network) from 10 p.m. the day before and until 10 p.m. on the public holiday in question. If you are moving with a large volume requiring the intervention of a heavy vehicle, the question of moving on a public holiday is simple: it is quite simply prohibited and therefore impossible. The use of the long distance movers truckee is important now.

Which vehicles are affected?

  • Heavy goods vehicles, i.e. generally all moving vehicles over 20 m3. If you have more than 20 m3 to move, you will therefore have to choose another day to move.

Other prohibitions

We take this opportunity to remind you that heavy goods vehicles are also prohibited from driving on all Sundays of the year as well as on certain Saturdays (in summer, and in winter in the Rhone Alpes region).

Moving a small volume

For a large volume, we understand that it is not even worth considering a move. What about a small volume move?

Small volume over long distance

Note that in general, over a long distance, even if you have a small volume, the movers use heavy weights to consolidate several moves or to load another larger move on the return trip. If you have benefited from this type of logistics optimization to obtain an attractive rate , you will not be able to move on a public holiday either. Indeed, although your volume is low, the truck used by the mover will be a heavy vehicle and will therefore be prohibited from driving.

Small volume over short distance

In the case of a local move (in the same city, or over a distance of less than 50-100 km), with a volume less than 20 m3, the truck will be able to circulate.

If you move by yourself, you will be able to carry out your move without any problem. If you ask for a professional removal company, it will depend on the chosen company: some will refuse to work on a public holiday, others will offer it to you for generally significant additional costs. Indeed, a bit like working on Sundays, movers working on a public holiday will be compensated and therefore cost more to the company.

Favor quality movers

Once you have validated these criteria and the option to move with professionals is validated, it remains to find the right one.


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