Thu. Dec 1st, 2022

Luxury Dining Rooms We Love

With changing trends, new styles and constantly evolving interiors, dining rooms have become a forgotten space of sorts. But a dining area brings family and friends together on grand occasions and is a room of celebration.

From being a dedicated, exquisite space for a great dining experience in the 19th and 20th century homes, to an afterthought that has been playing second fiddle to the kitchen and the living area in an open plan living, modern dining rooms are nothing more than a space for a quick meal today. But if you feel that the importance of your dining space should be reflected in your lifestyle, here are some ideas by the best interior designer firms in Bangalore that are sure to drive you for your next grand dinner party or a cozy meal with your loved ones.

  • Ceilings are just as important as the floor. For creating an intimate feel for your family dinners, you can have a visually lowered ceiling by installing a dark feature. For instance, a stained wood slat design can work in just about any room dimension.
  • You can also define your dining area on a flat woven rug. A rug in a similar tone to the existing floor can create a luxury island to welcome your guests.
  • Apart from the six chairs on either side, you can highlight the head and foot of the table with a different coloured chair or a chair with different design altogether. You can also choose a dining chair design which is available in different colours to make your dining room look chic.
  • Dining pendant lights are at the top of the list for illuminating dining areas. You can go for a big stand out chandelier that can easily create a high-end scene or a side lighting to build the ambiance. Or else you can even use oversized dining room pendant lights in multiples to make a bold, expensive looking statement.
  • You can add elegance to a shadowed corner of your dining room with an attractive screen. This is a great way to disguise a bank of electrical sockets too.
  • Don’t be subtle with colours. You can opt for great swathes of red and turquoise crash up against each other in open space and experiment with bright volume of colors.
  • You can show off your favorite dishes and serveware by artfully arranging them in a glass-front cabinet or an open hutch.
  • Adding one reflective wall to double the sense of space is a great idea. Plain mirrors, sparkling mirrors, smoked or coloured glass, or even high gloss panels can help you with it.
  • In addition to this, HDF fabric shutters are an ideal option to enhance the look of  your interiors. HDF fabric shutters by the Best Interior Designers in Bangalore, NuSpace make a great choice for a sturdy yet luxurious dining room.

Enjoying supper with the added shine of a luxury dining room can make it feel like a special occasion every day, without all the added prep and hoo-ha. These easy luxury dining room ideas are sure to suit every style.

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