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Making A Healthy And Interesting Play Area For Your Kids

Playgrounds extend as far back as the early 1900s. They have a long-standing tradition of being a place where children can play- worry-free. Very little has changed from the core objective of being a child’s dream. What has changed is the rising trend for safer, more inclusive, play areas for both parents and kids.

When you send your child to the playground there is a reasonable expectation that they aren’t going to break a bone, get hepatitis, or a head injury. It is also expected that they aren’t going to contract some sort of strange playground borne illness. Here are six playground ideas that are inspiring the next generation for child’s play.


Music is an important part of human development. Listening to music and creating it can make a serious impact on children. It can teach them to become more creative, emotionally balanced, and soothe them when they are upset. There is a rising trend to incorporate musical instruments on the playground. The xylophone is a great example of one that is easy to add to a playground. It is also most commonly used.


There is a growing trend to bring inclusion and break down barriers within society. That push for inclusiveness is no different when it comes to playgrounds. The Americans with Disabilities Act prevents the discrimination of persons with disabilities.

This includes jobs, schools, and public places. Playgrounds are changing and becoming more inclusive. The barrier between what equipment is handicap accessible and is not has become a relic of the past.


One of the oldest playground concepts, sand, is making a resurgence. Currently, sand is great for offering a cushioned blanket for the earth for high climbing sets. Picture rope ladders, dangling bridges, and whole entrapments made of rope and steel. It is a child’s paradise. However, not all sand is made the same. If at all possible make a point to visit website it comes from. Making sure that it comes from a reputable dealer or place is the first step.


Lately, the aesthetics of playground design has left the steal entrapments and polished slides in the dust. They have adopted a more natural environment. Currently, there is a rising trend for soft and playable rock formations, winding rivers made of soft spongy material, and curves. While the playground models nature and the curves of natural forces it is very safe. Natural designs are showcasing how far technology and design have come.


The future of playgrounds will include technology to help protect your child. Geofencing, drones, and surveillance will be the future of playgrounds. Geofencing has the potential to prevent certain or all electronic functions in a particular region.

It can help raise awareness of who has visited playgrounds and relate the information to databases. Drones are the cutting edge of playground safety. They offer a bird’s eye view of the surrounding area and can spot potential dangers that may lurk outside of your purview.


Depending on where you live adding a water element to your playground may be a great idea. Staying cool when it’s hot out is an important part of your child’s safety. This could be a splash pad, slide with running water, or misters in the corner of the gymnasium.

In Conclusion

Whether you are creating or attending a playground. These modern concepts are the cutting edge of a child’s play. If you are making a playground at home make sure to look into where you buy the materials. It is just as important as the design itself. Let’s be honest, safety and the health of your child is the priority.

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