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Making Your Garden More Appealing in Small Spaces

Creating a beautiful garden does not require a lot of space. If you have limited space, there are lots of ways to ensure that your garden is beautiful without having to spend too much money. The following are a few simple ways to make your small garden more appealing:

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  1. Use Flowers and Flowering Plants

Flowers will add a splash of color and texture to your garden. They can create focal points and using different flower options can help you create contrast. You don’t necessarily need to plant flowers as there is a wide range of vegetables and herbs with beautiful flowers. Some of the best options include basils, rosemary, and spring onions. Flowers will attract insects which can help you clean up pests.

  1. Garden Art

Garden art comes in various forms. You can use it to add character to your space and reflect your personality. Consider jazzing up a decorative pot with small ornaments to decorate your space. If you have lots of bare walls, hang a bamboo blind to act as a backdrop for your plants.

  1. Control Weeds

Weeds are unsightly, and they compete with your plants for space and nutrients. A practical and good-looking mulch may be a great addition to your garden. It will deter weed without looking unsightly. Pebbles and white gravel are popular options if you are looking for decorative mulch.

  1. Colorful Pots and Containers

Consider using colorful planters and pots to improve the appearance of your garden. They can draw your eyes to the focal point and add a pop of color. If you have a statement or heavy-weight pot, consider using it for your favorite point. Play around with design techniques to make it your focal point. You can contrast the sizes, shapes, and colors of the pots and plants around it to create a feel of dominance around it.

  1. Plant Around a Theme

Grouping your plants around a theme can help you create impact. Get a collection of plants with a similar flower color or foliage for maximum impact. Creating a theme in one part of your garden is an easy to trick to make it stand out.

  1. Promote a Sense of Diversity and Unity

Even though it is important to have a variety of plants and colors in your garden, you need to repeat the colors for a sense of unity. This design trick will make your garden attractive no matter how small it may be. Some of the best color combinations include: purple and white, yellow and orange, yellow and green, and white and purple.

  1. Use Paint

When decorating your garden, a little paint can go a long way. It can transform a boring fence into a striking backdrop for your plants. There are plenty of color options and you can pick one that matches your preference. If you have old benches, boring plant pots, or other structures that need a lift, the right paint may be all you need.

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