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Multipurpose Works from the Robot Vacuum Cleaners


Choosing a robot vacuum cleaner has become a headache for many people. From those few expensive and not very effective devices that there were not many years ago, we have now had a wide variety of robots, of various brands, that perform their task with high effectiveness , achieving great performance in cleaning and providing great comfort to its users.

Robot vacuum cleaners are becoming a very common household appliance in Spanish homes in recent years, but now we have to solve a difficult question: Which one to choose? What is the best for me? Which robot best suits my needs and wants (or my pocketbook)? The best robot vacuum cleaners are perfect.

How to choose a robot vacuum cleaner

Today, appliances such as washing machines or dishwashers are in widespread use, and robot vacuum cleaners are going the same way. Who can resist the comfort and hygiene of finding a clean home, without having to do practically anything?

Who is this guide for?

Usually, we receive inquiries requesting advice or help when choosing one robot or another. Many people are convinced to buy a robot, but do not know which to choose, due to the wide assortment that exists on the market.

In our buying guides you can find several articles in which we compare some models, such as our duel of the titans, the comparison of the best-selling robots or one specially dedicated to cheap robots . And it is that one of the selection criteria, logically, is the price that we are willing to pay, but it is not the only variable.

  • We have created this complete guide to try to explain in detail all those relevant sections when buying a robot. This way you will know what characteristics to look for, depending on your needs and desires.
  • Throughout 20 sections, we are going to detail how some robots differ from others, so that you can be more clear about what to look for in a device of this type. Thus, when you choose a specific model, it will correspond exactly to what you need.
  • As always, if you miss any question, have any questions or simply want to tell us something, you can do so through the comments at the end of the article.
  • We know it’s a bit long 😊, but we aspire (pun intended) to be the most comprehensive guide on the web. If you wish, you can use the index to go to any of the sections directly.

Or you can also go to the end, to see a summary of some of the robots that are mentioned in relation to the sections that are discussed throughout the review.

Price of the robot

One of the first things to know is the price one is willing to pay. Obviously, a 100 euro robot is not the same as a 600 euro one, although it is also true that a higher price does not always mean having a better robot, or having better features . Sometimes, it can depend on the positioning of the brand, the quality of the product or offers that may be available.

In any case, each person does usually have an approximate price range in which to move, or to which they would be willing to reach in certain circumstances.

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