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Property Manager Landscaping Tips

Property Manager Landscaping Tips

It is possible to boost the appeal of a rental property to potential renters and, as a result, speed up the leasing process by landscaping the property. If property managers spend less time showing vacant units to prospective renters, they will have more time to devote to their other responsibilities.

When you are faced with the task of landscaping a rental property, give these five suggestions some thought.

  1. Sow some bulbs with flowers that bloom in the spring

Spring bulbs, such as tulips and daffodils, are an excellent choice for planting in areas managed by property managers. If you plant them in the winter, they will come back again and again every year. The addition of a burst of colour to your yard can be accomplished by cultivating spring bulbs either beneath trees or along paths.

  1. If you want your garden to be water-efficient, use local plants like succulents.

As a result of the lengthy drought that has persisted across Australia, the practice of xeriscaping, also known as low-water gardening, has gained significant popularity. Plants such as succulents and the flora that is native to the area have adapted to thrive in conditions that are quite mild and can subsist primarily on precipitation. Picking plants that can survive in dry conditions might help you save both time and money in the long run. Water conservation is a win-win strategy because it benefits both the environment and your finances. 

  1. Plant annuals in the planter that is located by the entrance.

Planting some colourful annual flowers is the most effective way to breathe new life into an entryway. This can make a prospective tenant feel more at ease if they stop by to look at a property that is currently up for rent. Annuals will continue to thrive throughout the season so long as you continue to water them on a consistent basis. If you cut back the spent flowers, you’ll encourage the growth of new blossoms.

  1. For seasonal colour in the spring and summer, plant blooming shrubs in your yard.

The exteriors of large apartment complexes frequently have a boring aspect. Planting flowering shrubs in your yard can offer a burst of colour at any time of the year, but spring and summer are the best times. The vibrant colours of their leaves in the fall contribute to the overall aesthetic appeal of the surroundings.

Shrubs are classified as perennial plants, which means that over time they will continue to mature and get larger. Check to see that the chosen shrub won’t overflow the place it is supposed to be planted in.

  1. Plants can also be useful in many situations.

It’s especially important for those who live in apartments to have access to outdoor living spaces when they can get it. The addition of plants to the decor of a shared area can give it the atmosphere of a community hub, which in turn can encourage more people to rent the space. Public spaces, such as swimming pools, dog parks, tennis courts, barbeque areas, roof decks, and other areas where people congregate, can be given a jolt of life by the addition of plants.

Experiment with novel and unusual activities in public places. You may even try your hand at designing a shady garden specifically for the sake of reflection, complete with luxuriant, verdant vegetation and winding pathways. Choose an amenity that can fit in the space that is available, improves the lives of the people who live there, and does not require a significant amount of maintenance on your part.

Tenant prospects who are seeking for a nice place to call home are more likely to get interested in a property that has a garden that has been cared for and maintained properly. Performing basic outside maintenance might help reduce vacancies and enhance tenant satisfaction. This will result in your property management company spending less time on menial tasks like showing apartments to prospective tenants.

For further information on commercial landscaping in Melbourne, come to our website for a closer look.

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