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Reasons Why Should You Choose Ceramic Tiles

There are different types and styles of tiles to choose from, but one of the most commonly preferred is ceramic tiles (กระเบื้อง, term in Thai).There are many good reasons why should you choose ceramic tiles over other types of tiles and we will discuss them in this article. For one, it offers many advantages when compared to other types of materials.

  • Ceramic tiles are resistant to water – This type of tiles has a protective layer that makes it resistant to water. It is not only impenetrable to water, but as well as to stains. It can also withstand extremely humid conditions. Thus, the reason why ceramic tiles are commonly used in the kitchen and bathroom.
  • It is highly durable – Some tiles are prone to cracking even with just minimal force. Well, it is not the case with ceramic flooring. It is tough, which makes it extremely difficult to crack. If well maintained, the tiles can last for up to 20 years or even longer. In the event of crack, you can easily replace the tile without affecting the nearby tiles.
  • It requires less maintenance – The last thing you would want to do is to spend so much time caring for your tiles. We surely have other important things to do. Fortunately, ceramic tiles are not that hard to maintain. In case of stains, dirt, and liquid on the tiles, you can easily wipe them up. In other words, the only maintenance required is simple wiping, sweeping, and occasional vacuuming.
  • It is resistant to allergens – If you are allergic to pollens, dust, and dirt, then you should choose ceramic tiles. The surface of ceramic tiles is hard, which makes it less likely to catch allergens.

Other vital information about ceramic tiles

Although there are so many good things about ceramic tiles, there are a few things you need to keep in mind when planning to use this tile in your house. As mentioned above, ceramic tiles are extremely tough, which of course make it sturdy? Not to mention, it is easy to clean. However, some people find it uncomfortable to stand on. If you find it to be this way, you can soften it using padded underlayment. You can also put on some rugs to soften the feel.

Another thing about ceramic tile is that it is a cold material. It can’t hold on heat that much. If you are living in a place where winter can be unforgiving, having a ceramic tile can be an issue. The tile can be too cold to walk on. The same thing goes during summertime. Another issue with ceramic tile is its heavy weight, which makes it a not so good choice for upper story installation. If you prefer to have ceramic tiles on upper part of your house, make sure that the structure of the house is strong enough to handle the weight of the tiles. It is best to have you house’s structure checked by professionals prior to installing ceramic tiles.

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