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Redecorating? Here are Five Reasons to Buy Boucle Fabric Furniture

You may have heard lately about the return of boucle fabric furniture. It was once popular in the 90s, but its appealing characteristics pushed it back into the list of bestselling furniture. Primarily used in vacation houses, this woolly, nubby fabric provides a unique and inviting feeling to your home.

So, why should you buy furniture made of boucle fabric? Read on to find out.

Distinct Texture

One of the most interesting traits of boucle fabric is its unique texture.

Boucle is made of thin, thick yarn loops and curls made of wool, silk, or cotton, creating a rough, bumpy texture. This also adds depth and visual appeal to many types of furniture, increasing the room’s overall aesthetic.


Many furniture faces the problem of quick deterioration. For instance, leather tends to crack when used too often, while others may suffer from tears in the fabric.Any form of damage can make furniture quickly lose its charm.

Despite its appearance, boucle fabric furniture has high durability and wear and tear resistance, all attributed to the tight loops and sturdy construction.The inherent integrity of boucle fabric makes it ideal for furniture that sees frequent use, such as sofas and chairs.


Though boucle furniturehas a rough texture, the fabric is known to be soft and plush, offering a cosy and comfortable seating experience. This is because the textured loops contribute an additional layer of cushioning.

Think of boucle sofas like fluffy, woolly sheep that are too inviting to ignore.

Easy to Clean

Another reason why boucle furniture is on the rise is its stainresistance. Many are treated to prevent stains, while some are naturally resistant due to low liquid absorption.

Boucle is also easy to clean than most other fabrics. Depending on the type of material used, boucle fabric can be machine washed or washed with soap and water and then vacuumed to remove dust.


Boucle fabric furniture comes in various colours and patterns for different design options. From modern to traditional looks, this fabric can complement many architectural styles and perfectly fit furniture like sofas, ottomans, and chairs.

A Touch of Luxuryfor Your Home’s Interior Design

Are you seeking ultimate cosiness and sophistication in your next property redesign project? Create a comfortable and chic home environment with Urban Road‘s broad selection of boucle furniture.

Visit Urban Road today to find the furniture that best complements your personality.

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