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Safe Ship Moving Services Sheds Light on Simple Yet Effective Ways to Save Money on a Move 

Moving to a new home can be quite overwhelming and stressful. It can cost a lot of time, money and energy. It is not easy to pack up all the household belongings, find the right moving company, and get from point A to point B. While companies like Safe Ship Moving Services can handle the logistical aspects of a move, one would still have to take proactive measures to save money in the process.

Safe Ship Moving Services mentions a few simple ways to save money on a move

Packing household goods is a vital step involved in the moving process. One must make it a point to properly wrap and protect their things while packing. Good quality packing supplies are needed to pack both large furniture and smaller things like picture frames and collectable. Purchasing brand new packing supplies like moving boxes,  packing paper and bubble wrap can however be costly, especially if one has to pack a large number of items. Hence, it would be a good idea to use old household items to wrap and pack various goods.

Old comforters, blankets or sleeping bags can be used to wrap furniture and valuables, as well as fragile items like dishes and glassware. People can save flyers and newspapers, or even use items like tea towels and bath towels to wrap breakable goods. Apart from saving money on packing supplies, doing so would mean that one does not have to pack the blankets and towels separately in another box, which saves on space. Before getting moving boxes, one should use all their suitcases, duffle bags and backpacks to hold items they are taking to the new home.

During the packing process, one should also sort through the items in their garage and basement, and pull out things they no longer need or use. This can include old kitchenware, furniture, electronics, kids toys and so on. One may also go through their closets to find shoes and clothing they no longer wear. As long as such items are in a good enough condition, they can be donated or even sold off.  Hosting a garage or yard sale can be a good way to de-clutter, get rid of old stuff and get some money that can be used for the move.

The team of Safe Ship Moving Services mentions that while it is often considered a “moving tradition” to order pizza on moving day, people can definitely save money if they plan meals leading up to and immediately after moving day.  One should take inventory of all frozen, fresh and dry food items they have in their pantry and refrigerator, and make a plan to use up as much as possible the days and weeks leading to moving day. Doing so would ultimately mean fewer trips to the grocery store, less takeout orders, and ensure that one has lesser things to pack and move to the new home. Broadly speaking, simply being prepared, organized and planning ahead can help save money and hassles associated with a move.

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