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Selecting Curtains is Vital in Home Décor

Interior designers in Bangalore is not only limited to purchasing furniture, wall hangings, and art piecesbut also curtains as these hanging fabricsplay an important part in completing the look of your interior decoration.

So how do a simple thing as curtains play an important role and have such a huge impact on the interior decorators in Bangalore?

Curtains are usually used to cover up windows, to offer a temporary partition, and doors. These long pieces of fabrics are available in colourful varieties and in numerous textures.

If you are wondering what steps you need to follow while selecting curtains for your home interiors and why selecting curtains is vital in home decor the have a little look below at the points we have put together for you.

  • Curtains are basically cloth drapes that serves to block light, wind or visibility into your space and to the outside world when you do not feel like closing your window or door but need a little bit of privacy for modular kitchen Bangalore without feeling like cut-off from the outer world completely.
  • Curtains are available in silk, synthetic, cotton, linen, velvet, brocade, and chintz fabrics and you can take your pick from any of the fabric you want. You can also choose to mix and match the fabric to get the effect you want. For a shimmery, yet matt finish look you can mix and math cotton with silk fabrics but these curtains require customization so make sure that you talk about your wants to the interior decorator beforehand.
  • The length and the print on the curtains is also adeciding factor in your selection of a curtain for your home décor. All the curtains are quite durable and washable. The main function of a curtain is to offer a temporary partition as and when you require and to cover up the windows without actually closing them.
  • You can either choose curtains in contradictory colours with that of your furniture and wall paints or if you want a monotone shade then you can choose the curtains with the same colour and shade as that of your wall paints, wall papers and furniture.
  • Curtains are often the contributing factor in your over-all appearance of your interior designing as the look of the curtain compliments the actual look that you were aiming for. For atraditional looking interiors, you can choose heavy curtains with embellished prints or one colour curtains to go with the old vintage look. Heavy curtains especially brocade and velvet ones are also good to go with looks imitating that of a royal interior decoration.
  • If you want an airy and a translucent ambiance for your interiors, then it is best to opt for curtains that are light-in-weight and is made of a light sheen of fabric. Also, consider your curtain holders while choosing the weight so that the holds can easily hold up the weight of the curtains.

To get your curtains personalized according to your needs contact us for best quality and work and add that vital touch to your home décor to complete the look.

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