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Smart Bedroom Door Choices for New Homeowners In Singapore

It has been a while since the doors are no longer mere objects with functionality to open and close entry and exit gaps. Therefore, choosing the ideal door makes all the difference when it comes to your home or establishment. Do you know that story that “the first impression is what remains”? Yeah, maybe you don’t even believe it, but it doesn’t hurt to be cautious.

The Market Choices

In the market, in general, there are the most diverse types, models, sizes, colors and prices of doors. But in the midst of so many options, how do you know what to choose? For example, the door you will choose to compose the entrance to your home (or establishment) will be completely different from the one that will compose the entrance to the bedroom, laundry, bathroom, and so on, right?

So, what to do? To help you in your search for the ideal HDB bedroom door, we have separated some tips. Keep reading and check them all out.

How to choose the ideal door

Know the environment in which the door will be inserted. Let’s say you are working on a new project. Saw a beautiful door! But you don’t have the space to install it. For example, pivoting doors are ideal for main entrances, but they need a lot of space because, only the distance from where they turn to the stop varies between 5 to 10 cm.

Are your furniture all made of wood? But do you want to buy an aluminum door? Superb!

That’s because today there are paintings that imitate wood and, best of all, you choose the color (shade) that best fits your environment! This, without talking about values, durability and maintenance!

  • White doors are common and well-liked by most buyers. But, we know, you are not just anybody. And you will probably want a little bit of color, unlike anything else. If you live in an apartment, for example, and cannot change the color of your door on the outside, try changing it on the inside. One idea is to coat it with the material that best matches your decor!
  • If your environment already has furniture or wooden floors, a very nice idea is to choose a door painted or covered with formica. Give preference to light tones, such as white and raw.
  • If there is one thing that everyone loves, it is practicality. After all, simplifying life means saving both time and money. Therefore, choosing a door that is easy to clean is one of the features that should be on your list of preferences.

More tips?

Still on the colors, you can choose colors that are very striking, like yellow, red, green, but remember to make the colors of the environment softer so that there is no conflict of visuals. Otherwise, instead of a stylish place, you will have a very tacky environment.

Aluminum doors are always very welcome, both inside and outside the house. In addition to being excellent for places where there is a greater flow of water, such as bathrooms, laundries and kitchens.When choosing your entrance door, for sure, you will have preference for one that is imposing, beautiful, that attracts attention. Well, it can even be different and stand out from the other doors of the building. But remember, internal doors must follow a pattern.

Ideal for small spaces

Sliding doors are excellent options when it comes to saving space.Another idea is to embed a mirror, giving the feeling that the environment is bigger than it really is. In addition, models that have glass offer more light and lightness to the space. Avoid pasting stickers and posters on doors. This is because the glue from these products tends to damage the door material in addition to not being aesthetically beautiful.

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