Mon. Jun 14th, 2021

Table lamp trends

Lamps have the ability to transform and woo. In addition, they are a practical element in interior design. In addition to lighting the area, they define areas, highlight environments and create different atmospheres. New inspiring, poetic and even industrial or retro models are constantly coming out, which makes them incredibly eye-catching.

Contemporary models

Ideal for cold spaces. This trend combines beauty, sensuality, expressiveness and warmth. In general, the LED technology has a good quality, illuminating the area and casting a strong light. In this way, homogeneous lighting can be ensured. This trend, given the type of light you use, is a good option to save energy, so you can keep the light on for a long time (but always with the environment in mind).

Ceramic models

These models will be a hit all year long. These table lamps are irresistible: beautifully finished, unusual, striking and spectacular in design, they will give your home the magic touch it needs.

Classic models

These models will never go out of style. They are timeless, regardless of your taste. Bronze table lamps, with aged tones, fabric or paper. Every single option happens to make an easy space developed its best version.

Handcrafted models

The artisan trend has taken on great value today, as these beautiful table lamps are created with traditional techniques. Its pieces are made by hand with the greatest delicacy, as well as unique and unrepeatable designs. Depending on the customer, they can be produced in glass, wood, copper tubes, cans, wood and even cardboard or paper.

Vintage models

The main characteristic of vintage lamps is that they are made by hand. The main models are table lamps since they are based on an original design and are perfect to illuminate any room and make it authentic. Remember that it is especially important to decorate a house always looking for your well-being, according to your tastes and preferences.

Remember that you can choose table lamps and put them wherever you want. You can create a comfortable place where you want to spend every hour of the day to relax, study, do crafts, and work. Now you have the secret! Choosing an ideal atollo table lamp replica for you and your family will fill your home or office with light and warmth. Enjoy and have fun creating spaces with different types of lighting and decoration.

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