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The best way to finish and stain the timber

One of the things that can be fun is staining the timber, you can make any color you want and paint the wood of your closet or bookcase, desk or chair; So go with a lawyer to learn the right way to paint.

The first step is to sand the timber

The first step in painting and staining any timber and wood is sanding. Do not underestimate the power of this step because the result of your work depends on this part. With proper sanding, the paint sticks well to the work surface and does not come off. The work surface should be smooth and the color effect should be multiplied. For sanding, you can use manual method, sanding clip or sanding machine. Of course, to work with the sanding machine you have to be a little experienced because it can damage the delicate parts of the wood. To get rid of old paint and wood stains, you should start with coarse sandpaper. 80 and 100 gray sandpaper is a good place to start. After removing old stains and paints as much as possible, use softer sandpaper.

Use 150-degree sandpaper to smooth the wood surface. Use flexible fabrics and paper sanders for hard-to-reach surfaces. The order of coarse sanding and then soft sanding is very important. Sanding removes old stains and paints, and soft sanding removes lines, scratches and rough grinding effects, and softens the surface. So when you put your finger on the surface, paint the wood, you will feel the smoothness of the surface. Of course, it does not matter if the previous colors have been deleted or not. Stay tuned with and goods.

The second step is to clean the timber

After sanding, the sanding pollen must be completely removed from the wood surface, the pollen remaining on the wood will prevent the putty from sticking and finally the paint will stick to the wood surface and the paint will peel off over time. Instead of being smooth and even, it becomes uneven. You can clean the wooden surface with a vacuum cleaner. Be sure to wipe the entire surface with a damp cloth. You can wet the fabric with water and thin. Use a thinner because the thinner makes the paint stick better and removes fat. Even if you use water, immediately moisten the wood with a dry cloth so as not to damage the wood. Wait a few minutes for the wood to dry. Read the best way to paint wood with and goods.

The third step is the substructure and putty

The surface should be prepared after sanding and cleaning, as well as before applying the paint. With the help of a spatula, the scratches can be covered and the work surface can be leveled. In addition, the putty paint has more adhesion. Be careful when choosing putty for wood because it should be lighter than the color you have chosen. Of course, most wood putties are white, so do not worry. It is better to apply putty on the whole surface of the wood. To do this, use very thin layers of putty so that it is not clear that you have putty. Wait at least 10 minutes for this thin layer of putty to dry. Check out these timber stands and furniture at Greenhouse Decor.

Depending on the amount and thickness of putty; It has a different drying time. If necessary, add layers under the putty. The goal is for the work surface to be perfectly smooth and covered with putty as much as possible so that the paint adheres well to the work surface. Wood has pores that absorb paint. In fact, wood putty prevents the penetration of paint into the pores of wood, you can use it. After drying, remove excess sealant with a soft sandpaper. Sand the putty to make the wood surface even. Then thoroughly clean the work surface again, now the wooden surface can be painted. The other example is Crimson Oak Design furniture which has a similar range

Run the color

There are many ways to paint wood. You can use instant wood colors known as sealer, killer, semi-polyester and polyester. These types of paints are usually thick and need to be thinned before use. They are usually diluted with a solvent such as a thinner. The downside to the thinner is that the thinner has a pungent odor and also has a corrosive property that is not suitable for wood, so an alternative such as 402 solvent can be used instead of the thinner. To paint, we can say that you must perform all these steps and do not rush, these steps are very important. Also, you can find a good-quality bookshelf here.

Mix the paint well and apply the first layer with a brush. Like putty, applying paint in thin layers is much better than using a thick layer. Thinner layers look better and drier. Painting in the form of thin layers is faster, has more strength and durability, and also recognizes the texture of the wood under the paint, which is very important for the beauty of wooden furniture. Therefore, apart from choosing the color, you should paint well. If the surface of the wood you are painting is wide (such as the surface of a dining table), it is best to use long, continuous strokes of the shaft on the work surface to make the color brighter and more uniform.

What color should we use?

There are different colors for painting wooden furniture that you can choose depending on the taste. For example, if our wood has patterns and we want its patterns to be visible, we have to use light colors, and if we want the wood to have no patterns, we can paint the putty. In fact, we have to use colors that do that. Cover the canvas so that it does not show under the work.

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