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Things to consider before choosing a real estate agent

Choosing a real estate agent to sell your home is an important decision. You want someone who knows your neighborhood and is familiar with the market trends. As you do your research, make sure you find an experienced professional that best suits your needs.

Real estate agents receive a commission when they sell a home. Before you choose an agent to help you buy or sell a home, you want to determine whether the agent is reputable. You also want to find an agent who works with your best interests in mind and has the skills that meet your needs. Here are some tips for choosing a real estate agent. You can contact Roger Bates estate agents for more information.

Ask friends and family members for recommendations — The best way to find a good real estate agent is by word of mouth. Ask your friends and family members if they have worked with an agent they can recommend, and ask them why they like their agent.

Search online — An easy way to find agents in your area is to search online. For example, you can use Google’s search engine to search for “real estate agents in [city name].” Once you have found several agents, read their reviews on Yelp or other business review sites.

Check local listings — Check the “real estate” section of your local newspaper or magazine for ads by local agents, or search for homes in your area at or Trulia.

Interview at least three agents — Talk with at least three agents before deciding which one to use. Be prepared with questions about their experience in real estate and choose wisely.

An agent’s reputation

Ask around. There’s no better way to get a feel for an agent’s reputation than by talking to people who have worked with him or her.

An agent’s commissions

Don’t be afraid to ask about commissions and fees. They vary from agent to agent, so you want to know what you’re getting into and what services are included in the listing agreement before you sign on the dotted line.

An agent’s qualifications

Make sure your real estate agent has a state license and belongs to a local association or board of realtors. Also, ask about his or her experience and specialties (residential, commercial, investment, etc.).

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