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Tips to consider when choosing the paint for your walls

A painting job can make your place look amazing. If you are willing to change the looks of your place, you can consider painting it. There are several kinds of paint available in the market. You can get one based on the texture and finish you want on the wall. If you are going to paint a big property, it is better hiring the professionals at 97 Painting Oregon. They will first discuss with you your requirements and then suggest the best paint type and color combinations.

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Here are tips that they use to select the best type of paint for you.

Traffic – it is the most important thing to consider as for busy areas, you will have to get a paint that is durable and for areas with low traffic or calmer places, you can go with your desired paint. Semi gloss and satin are the best options for a durable paint finish while for the calmer places, you can go or matte finish.

Imperfections on the surface – if the wall has imperfections, the painters will first repair it and then paint it but the paints like glossy and semi-gloss do not offer the needed coverage. In such cases, you should go for paints with matte finish as they offer the best coverage in minimum coatings.

Paint sheen – the final finish of the paint can range from flat finishes with no shine to super glossy finishes. The level of shininess plays an important role in reflecting the light into the room. So, based on whether you want the place to be dim lit or bright, you can select the paint finish.

You should also consider the paint types like water based or oil based. Both of them have their advantages. The oil based are good for places with high moisture and offer an attractive glossy finish while the water based paints dry quickly and don’t require any treatment before painting.

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