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Welcoming The Minimalist Design Into Your Home  

What Is Minimalistic Interior Design?

The concept of minimalism as a lifestyle choice is familiar to most people, and it can be extended to other fields like architecture and interior design. Minimalist interior design is a reductive approach centred around living with the bare essentials. With a focus on keeping things simple, minimalistic living spaces integrate functionality and aesthetics to create a soothing and timeless environment. Some key features of a minimalist’s home include:

Monochromatic Colour Scheme

The colour palettes of minimalistic interiors often comprise neutral shades that are easy on the eyes. Soft tones of beige, brown, white, black and grey help to lighten the surroundings to achieve consistency with nature. One misconception about a minimalist space is that it looks lifeless and boring given its colour scheme. However, it’s easy to introduce pops of colour to liven up the space, though few, selected accents.

To invoke a sense of fun and conviviality in the home, the homeowners of this BTO unit at Sengkang West chose a pastel abstract artwork as the bedroom’s centrepiece, contrasting the white and brown tones of the room. If you own a BTO flat, you may consider getting an HDB BTO renovation package instead.

Clean Lines And Sleek Functionality

A guiding principle of minimalism in interior design is that form and function go hand in hand. Every piece of furniture sitting in the room should be more than a decorative accessory; it must add value to the space and function in relation to other fixtures in the house. The functionality of minimalistic design suits condo interior designs.

Open And Well-lit Spaces

Apart from maximising the amount of natural light entering the home, artificial light is equally important in a minimalist home. This explains why white is a popular colour of choice because it makes each room feel more spacious and relaxing.

With sheer curtains and multiple lighting fixtures installed, the 4 Room HDB interior design in Compassvale Lane keeps the living room aglow with mellow and homely vibes. A well-lit space always gives off a capacious and comforting feeling that will help your guests feel at home. If you live in a condominium in Singapore, you may also consider getting a condo renovation package from us.

Absence of Unnecessary Adornments

One thing you’ll find when you step into a minimalist space is that there is little to no decorative elements. The minimalism mantra strays away from clutter because it can be noisy and distracting. To tackle this, storage options are aplenty for such homes to keep things out of view.

This resale HDB interior design at Ang Mo Kio is a calm haven that embodies elements of a well-designed and uncomplicated space. Knick-knacks are kept to a minimum, stowing away less-used items in the TV rack to keep the space neat and elegant.

Deliberate Use of Variety in Forms And Textures

Minimalistic homeowners tend to strive for a balance between simplicity and sophistication, where the latter is unravelled through a strategic choice of variety. Be it colour, finishing or material, mixing up these design elements in the home is a way to make it feel warm and inviting.

To add a stylish touch to bare-boned dining tables and chairs, why not clothe them with a patterned table runner and throw pillows? Consistent with the monochromatic theme, the family of this Anchorvale condominium unit handpicked the duotone houndstooth fabric to match the minimalistic theme of the home.

If you’d like to find more Scandinavian interior design ideas, feel free to check out our article.

Should I Go For A Minimalistic Interior Design For My Home?

Home renovation in Singapore is a major decision to be made, and can often leave homeowners in a quandary on the overall design theme of their new nest. Here are some things to think about before making the choice of minimalism design at home:

Finding Joy in Decluttering

If you enjoy the process of deep cleaning and decluttering the space around you, then the minimalistic theme is made for you. It doesn’t have to be extreme or hardcore, where regular massive clean-outs must be done to purge all clutter out of the home. You don’t need to cave into the coveted standards of emptiness; keeping your home neat and tidy to your standards is more than enough.

Thinking Twice (or Thrice) Before Making A Purchase 

As the minimalist home is a sacred living space, it’s good to be deliberate about your buys. Asking yourself a few questions before deciding to add a potential furniture piece to your home is a good way to achieve minimalism at home. Consider the item’s long-term appeal and whether a dedicated space has been carved out for it in your home before clicking the check-out button. There are always packages for interior design that are worth your money but remember, that it’s quality over quantity.

Pro-tip: Think about how the item would fit in with the overall theme of the house, be it in terms of colour or texture. The homeowners of this condominium unit in PasirRis Link ensured that their foldable chairs were in a complementary wood finishing with their wall cabinets and coffee table. If you want more inspiration or high-quality fixed items for your kitchen, check out our kitchen renovation package or kitchen and 2 toilet renovation package for more details.

Certainty on semi-permanent decisions

Storage is king when it comes to creating the perfect minimalist home, which is why homeowners need to discuss a game plan for smart, organised storage solutions with their contractors during the early stages of the renovation process. This could mean committing to built-in cabinetry or hacking away certain walls, which could be difficult and expensive to reinstate if you change your mind.

Pro-tip: In order to maximise space in your master bedroom, sliding wardrobes can double as mirrors so you don’t have to pay for a separate standing mirror that eats into precious space. This BTO unit in Buangkok Crest felt that this space-saving renovation idea freed up more room for walking.

Now that you are well-equipped with the essentials of minimalism at home, you are ready to start the transformation of your living space into a peaceful refuge.

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