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What are the steps to be followed for the removal of the popcorn ceiling?

A popcorn ceiling is also called as stipple ceilings, stucco ceilings, and acoustic ceilings. It is one variety of spray on or paint on treatments found in the older residential homes. In this article, you will know about the steps to remove popcorn ceiling

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What are the steps for the removal of the popcorn ceilings?

You will need rosin paper, putty knife, cloth rags, duct tapes, drywall tapes, dishwashing liquid, spray bottle, scraper, dust mask, eye goggles, and protective work clothing before starting the removing work.

The steps to remove popcorn ceiling are given by,

  • Prepare the room: The room is furniture free and then take your plastic sheets and cover the walls and floor.
  • Remove lighting fixtures and fans in the room: It is the tough work around the ceiling of the fans and light fixtures. So you can remove them for the best work.
  • Spray the ceiling: You can take the spray bottle add water and dishwasher liquid and pump the mixture and spray on the ceilings. Allow 10 to 15 minutes to dry and ensure the popcorn ceiling has softened the ceiling substances.
  • Start scarping: Next take your scarping tool wide blade is best and carefully scrape the popcorn substances from the ceilings. You can scrape it softly. A putty knife is used to scrape the ceiling’s corners and beam edges.
  • Hammer in nails and more: Hammer in the protruding nails and seal them with the joint compound. Then you will sand the ceiling after it dries out then you will be ready to paint your ceiling.

What are the tools are required to remove the popcorn ceilings?

The following tools are required to remove popcorn ceiling are given by,

  • Clothes: The disposal crawl suit with a hook is good choices to wear while the process of scraping. Recommended to wear a hat and eye protection clothing.
  • Sprayer: You will need a garden sprayer and some fabrics which as soft.
  • Scraper: The drywall knife works as a scraper. It is used to scrape the popcorn substances on the ceiling.
  • Drywall joint compound and putty knife: Compound is also known as mud and you can also use your scraper as a putty knife.
  • Sander: It is one of the easiest drywall poll sand.
  • Paint and roller: After the removal of the popcorn ceiling you need to paint the ceiling. So you will need the paint and rollers for the painting process.
  • Light and fans: It is not absolutely necessary it is optional. Lights are used to what you are doing and the fan helps to dry quickly.

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