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What is flooring? Its Features, Elements, and Types

Flooring is the term for a long-lasting covering of the floor structure made of an end material that acts as a walking edging.

What qualities define excellent flooring?

The following criteria should be able to be satisfied by a high-quality floor:

  1. It must be sturdy and long-lasting.
  2. Floors ought to be easy to clean.
  3. It should stroll quietly and without making any noise.
  4. The flooring should be attractive.
  5. There must be no moisture present.
  6. It ought to be heat- and fire-resistant.
  7. Flooring should require less upkeep.

Elements that make up a floor

The floor primarily consists of two parts.

  1. Base Course (Floor Base), also known as Sub Floor

The structural component known as the “subfloor” or “base course” helps support the flooring. The Wichita wood flooring company covering is intended to be adequately supported by the floor’s base so that it won’t settle. It also acts as a thermal insulator by obstructing resistance.

  1. Floor covering or flooring

The finishing materials used for residential and commercial structures are utilised to create covers on top of the floor base; each material has unique benefits and drawbacks. Mud, bricks, flagstones, wood or timber, asphalt, concrete mosaics tiles, marbles, PVC and other materials are among the most popular floor covering materials.

Floor Coverings

The most common types of flooring are: 

  1. Mud Flooring

Typically, this type of flooring is employed in rural areas and in low-cost dwellings for those living in poverty. Mud flooring is hardy, affordable, and long-lasting. It is warm in the summer and cold in the winter.

Approach to Construction

  • Before adding water to reinforce the well, the dirt is first filled with sand up to the plinth.
  • Water and suitably crushed earth can be added to create a thin coating.
  • Without using water, the prepared dirt is rammed across the base until it is a size of 25–50 mm.
  • The final surface is next cleaned to remove any manure or water mixture.
  1. Brick Flooring

This type of flooring is ideal for garden walks and garages. It is not slippery, incredibly affordable, and easy to construct. Bricks are organised into diagonal or zigzag links.

Approach to Construction

  • Up to the plinth’s level, soil or sand is spread out in layers and thoroughly cleaned by water.
  • After that, the floor is covered with a base coarse composed of cement concrete in the proportions of 1:4:8 or 1:5:10. It is essential for this base to have a slope so that washing water may be properly drained.
  • For seven days, the entire floor must dry.
  1. Concrete Cement Flooring

It’s perfect for any area and a popular flooring choice. Smooth, durable concrete. It’s attractive, durable, and affordable. The threshold is inaccessible for repairs.

Approach To Construction

  • The plinth has a 10-cm layer of morum, or soil. A 10-cm layer of sand is compacted over this compacted dirt. Slope it for tilt.
  • *Well-compacted cement concrete is pushed to a thickness of 10 cm using the ratios 1:4:8 and 1:5:10 (cement aggregate and overburned brick aggregate). Setting is ok.
  • *After the area has fully hardened, it is cleaned and divided into two equal sections using 3mm-thick glass and aluminium strips.
  • Following this, a thin layer of cement slurry is applied to the surface, which is then dusted with water.
  • Curing needs to last for seven days.

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