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What is ICF construction?

The full form of ICF is insulated concrete forms. ICF is basically hollow blocks that are stacked in the shape of an exterior building wall. They are then reinforced with a steel rebar and filled with concrete.

ICF works by using one of the finest insulating materials-expanded polystyrene, with one of the strongest building material – Steel reinforced concrete. This results in a wall of unmatched energy efficiency, comfort, noise reduction and strength. ICF construction provides a lot of structural advantages to any building. Here are a few advantages of ICF building

ICF building advantages

  • Reduced energy cost due to energy efficiency
  • Sound locking ability
  • Low maintenance due to insect, rot, mildew, mold resistance.
  • Increase security level due to the presence of steel-reinforced concrete walls.
  • Reduction in the cost with lower insurance premium
  • Resistant to disasters with a fire rating of up to 4 hours and wind resistance that exceeds F5 tornadoes and hurricanes.
  • Increased health benefits and comfort with improved air quality.

Benefits of ICF from the perspectives of the builders and contractors

  • Construction time is reduced.
  • Fewer workers are needed for the installation
  • Fast and easy construction due to the stackable forms.
  • Multiple form options are available, which increases the flexibility in bidding design.
  • The lightweight of ICF makes it easier to ship and deliver
  • Compatible with carpenter trades and allows for multiple finish options
  • Easier to satisfy the energy codes of ICF construction.

ICF construction provides structural as well as thermal components of the wall. The walls made of ICF are very well insulated, durable and inherently tight. The firm present in ICF provides consistent thermal performance and reduces the risk of thermal bridging. The presence of the concrete makes the wall airtight. Furthermore, ICF walls are also superiorly resistant to wind and fire.

The thermal mass properties of ICF buildings block sound well and help create a stable and uniform temperature inside the house. The ICF walls are usually built using insulating rigid foam blocks, which are stacked on the side and remain in place once the concrete is poured. The presence of foam acts as a sound barrier and provides good soundproofing capabilities in the house.

ICF construction has been voted as the best choice For any and all construction projects. 911 call centres, police stations, hospitals, firehouses, government buildings and other important buildings are always constructed with concrete construction. ICF construction is being considered as the future of buildings. If you are planning to get a new house or building made, do not forget ICF construction. ICF cannot only save you a ton of cost, but it can also help you have flexibility in your building designs. The lightweight ICF makes for very easy shipping and delivery options which is another bonus point. If you are thinking of adding ICF to your next building, check out LitCore. They have amazing ICF systems which will help you keep your designs flexible, meet your energy requirements and guarantee the safety and stability of the construction.

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