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What You Need to Know About Non-Invasive Pipe Lining

If a person is experiencing issues with their plumbing or a pipe burst there is a lot of work that will go into fixing it. If it is a sewer line or a water line that runs under the house the plumber may need to dig up the yard to get to the pipe. There is an alternative to that. If a person is experiencing a plumbing issue they should contact a Houston non-invasive pipe lining company to repair the pipe.

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Trenchless Plumbing

A licensed Houston non-invasive pipe lining company can fix a plumbing issue with trenchless plumbing. There are several different techniques with this plumbing. They will be able to put an epoxy pipelining coating over the existing pipes. This will help stop the leak without having to dig out the entire pipe and replace it. This is a non-invasive way to restore existing pipes.

Finding Leaks

If a leak is occurring under the ground there is a good chance it may take the homeowner a long time to discover this leak. The damage may already be done. A person will eventually notice cracks in the walls and the foundation may begin to shift. If a person notices these signs they should call a plumber right away. The plumber has the technology and tools that are needed to detect these leaks underground without having to dig up the yard.

Plumbing Technique

This plumbing method does not require a large section of the yard to be dug up. A small section around the pit of the pipe is dug straight down. This will allow the plumber to have access to the pipe. Once the hole id dug as a small tub that is coated with a resin material will be pushed around the old pipe. Compressed air is then blown against the walls of this older pipe. This will allow the resin to stick to it. The resin is allowed to sit for a couple of hours so that it will become hard. This will create a solid coating over the old pipe and it is almost like a new pipe is being installed. This pipe will be smooth and the roots of trees will not be able to penetrate it. This will help seal up old pipes and stop any leaks.

No Harm

This form of plumbing is better for the environment. It will not disrupt any tress or the environment around the pipe. A person will not have to have their yard destroyed so the plumber can reach the pipes. The land around the work will not be disturbed. Experienced plumbers will be able to locate the area of the leak and focus n that area. They will look for any utility lines that may be in the way so they can plan around this.


The plumber will make sure that this method will pass inspection. Before the sewer lines are covered again they will be inspected to make sure they are safe and up to code. The resin lining will completely harden around the pipe so that it will pass inspection and will not break anytime in the future. This type of repair is good for 100 years or more when it is performed by a professional.

If a person has a plumbing issue trenchless plumbing is a non-invasive method to fix any leaks. A person will not have to have their yard dup up and it will take less time to fix any plumbing leaks they may have.

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