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Why It Is Time To Convert Your Tub To Shower In Wilkes Barre Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania ranks fifth among the fifty states for its senior citizen population, the largest population of 65-year-olds in the country. So this matter calls for making houses hazard-proof for the older family members.

Tubs are no doubt relaxing and give a satisfying feel, but getting out of the bath for older people can be dangerous. People above and below certain ages are prone to falling, and bathrooms remain the highest fall-prone zone.

If your folks are still using a bath but think it is time for safer options, you can apply for a tub to shower conversion in Wilkes Barre, PA services.

Although you might still wonder why you should convert the tub, here is why a shower can be better than a bathtub.

Reasons shower can be better than a tub.

There are several reasons other than those mentioned above which can be a factor for changing your tub to shower.

Showers are easy to get in and out.

Addressing the central issue of the tub to shower conversion in Wilkes Barre, PA is sensible. It is easier and safer to get in and out of the shower. It is to keep the older family members from falling and make navigating easier for them.

It is a lot of work to get in the tub, from making it bath ready to clean after it. In comparison, a shower is easier and quicker without much effort involved.

Showers are in fashion and have resale value.

Showers have replaced baths in popularity. Many American homes are now opting for walk-in showers. The new home designs contain mainly large bathrooms with stylish showers, and the hotel chains are removing tubs from their bathroom designs.

According to their researchers, many millennial travelers prefer a shower over a bath as it saves time. This same trend affects the home’s resale value as millennials choose functionality over space-consuming amenities while purchasing apartments.

Showers save water

With all the news about conserving water and researchers telling people to save water, the current population focuses on these issues. Also, saving water is a need of the hour, and every little contribution helps.

Showers are a contribution to this movement. Tubs consume a ton of water that goes to waste at once, and you must clean off the soap once again after the bath. In contrast, showers clean you off at once without wasting too much water.

A typical bath uses about 30 gallons of water, while 10 minutes of the shower only uses 20 gallons. It’s even better to replace your showerhead with a high-efficiency, low-flow head.

To sum this up

Replacing showers can be a safe and, at the same time, efficient choice in a household. It is also a good investment as it saves water and increases the house’s resale value. Most of the demands of the current generation are no longer about luxury; that does not value efficiency.

This is why many homes are not opting for showers over tubs. The tubs, in general, are bulky and consume a lot of space, while showers are easy to maintain and make bathrooms look spacious.

Showers are also kid-friendly, apart from being helpful for older citizens. Baths are mainly decorative and aren’t used every day, while showers serve their purpose daily.

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