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Your Guide To Outdoor Blinds Maintenance 

The concept of blinds to cover windows is believed to have begun in ancient desert civilizations. Many people back then used a strip of wet cloth, and this concept further developed throughout the years. The world’s technological advancement contributed to the development of blinds as these spread to Singapore and many other countries.

Compared to the blinds ages ago, the balcony blinds used in Singapore today are significantly sturdier. After all, they are not just pieces of spare cloth but well-manufactured ones. If well taken care of, any modern blinds can last up to five years or more. Modern blinds are durable, so no one would need to change them as frequently and spend hundreds of dollars for new ones.

But What If You Do Not Clean Your Outdoor Blinds And Leave Them Unkempt?

Outdoor blinds can get dusty and dirty since they are placed on the balcony or outside the property, making them look unappealing over time. When these accumulate too much dust and dirt, you can expect there would be a problem with their mechanism, like seizing up or jamming.

In other words, outdoor blinds will prematurely wear and tear if you do not clean them and leave them unkempt for a long time. There is also a high possibility that you and other people around you would develop health problems like asthma and skin allergy caused by too much dust and dirt exposure, which is why you should keep your blinds in Singapore clean at all times.

What Will You Need To Clean And Maintain Outdoor Blinds?

Cleaning and maintaining outdoor blinds are no different from what you do indoors. Apart from spending a lot of time and effort, you should also invest in quality cleaning tools and equipment. Doing so should help ease the cleaning and maintenance process. Below are the things you need to keep your outdoor blinds in good shape and working condition:

  • Many microfibre cloths
  • A vacuum with a soft bristle brush
  • Warm water
  • Face mask
  • Ladder
  • Gloves
  • A couple of non-abrasive sponges
  • Basin or small bucket

15 Tips For Cleaning And Maintaining Outdoor Blinds

1. Never Use Cleaning Products With Harsh Chemicals

No matter what the material of your outdoor blinds is, cleaning products with harsh chemicals can affect the overall quality. Apart from the colour and surface appearance will fade, their durability will also decrease, making the outdoor blinds have a shorter lifespan.

If unsure whether or not the cleaning products contain harmful chemicals, you should consider conducting a patch test. Doing so should allow you to test the cleaning products by dropping an ample amount on a small area.

A patch test is a diagnostic method that allows you to evaluate and observe the effect of the product under test. You may continue to use it if you have observed positive results and it has no negative impact on the material or part where you tested it.

2. Use A Soft-Bristle Brush To Clean The Blinds

Besides not using cleaning products with harsh chemicals, you should be mindful of the brushes you will be using. To not damage the fabric of the outdoor blinds in Singapore, you better guarantee the brushes you will use have soft-bristle.

A soft-bristle brush not only cleans the blind fabric thoroughly as possible, but this kind of tool does not cause any abrasion. Nevertheless, you should still be gentle when using a soft-bristle brush and use less pressure when cleaning the outdoor blinds.

3. Review The Blinds’ Warranty Rules

Apart from conducting a patch test of the cleaning product you will use to clean your outdoor blinds, you better consider reviewing the blinds’ warranty rules. In most cases, it contains information about what kind of cleaning product you should use. Some may even mention a particular brand.

Most manufacturers of outdoor blinds do this to prevent owners from making a mistake that might or might not prohibit them from using the warranty on their outdoor blinds if they forget to use the correct cleaning materials once.

Owners may consider reaching out to the outdoor blinds vendor or store where they purchased their outdoor blinds if there is no specific cleaning product listed in the warranty rules. They know better what to use and the steps you need to take during the cleaning process. Just let them know the brand and model of your outdoor blinds so they can give you a more accurate answer to your questions.

4. Avoid From High-Pressure Cleaning

Another thing you should avoid doing when cleaning your outdoor blinds is using a water hose with high pressure. While you might think it would be thoroughly clean, it may cause more harm than good.

If you do so otherwise, you can expect the material will thin out and develop microscopic scratches that will get much worse over time. Consider low-pressure water when cleaning your outdoor blinds and after soaking them with a gentle cleaning solution for ten minutes.

5. Remove Stains Immediately

Except for water, any liquid you accidentally splash on your outdoor blinds in Singapore can cause stains, especially if you leave it untreated. The best way to remove stains is to treat them immediately so the liquid will not seep through the material and dry out.

To remove stains from your outdoor blinds soon, you should use a microfiber cloth to blot the excess liquid. Use another one with stain remover or liquid cleaning detergent, and let the solution sit for a while. Rinse the treated area with warm water and let it air dry.

6. Clean The Blind Tracks

Like sliding doors, balcony blinds come with blind tracks. These are the ones that keep the fabric of the outdoor blinds kept in place and ensure they will be wrinkle-free throughout the time they are installed.

Even though blind tracks are tightly secured in keeping the outdoor blinds in a still position, dust, grime, and dirt can still accumulate through the edges. Too many contaminants can affect the outdoor blinds’ mechanism, so keep the blind tracks clean and lubricated.

To clean the blind tracks, you must first remove the blind fabrics. This trick will help you guarantee you can clean the nook and cranny of the blind tracks.

7. Don’t Wind The Outdoor Blinds When Wet

Winding the outdoor blinds when wet can cause damage to the blind fabric. Remember that the dampness can make the blind fabric too stiff to wind up, which can cause the entire outdoor blinds to get stuck up.

After cleaning the outdoor blinds, you should consider letting your outdoor blinds air dry. To speed up the process, you may use a microfiber cloth to dab and reduce the moisture. Doing so should help air dry the outdoor blinds faster.

Ideally, the air-drying process of outdoor blinds takes around one to two days. The turnaround highly depends on how thick the blind fabric material is. If you cannot wait that long, you may aim the electrical fan at the outdoor blinds.

8. Take Care Of The Other Side Of The Blinds

Apart from the exposed side of the outdoor blinds, you better not forget to clean the other side that faces the glass wall or window. Even though this side looks clean, dust, grime, and dirt will still accumulate there.

Ensure to do the same cleaning process as what you do on the outer part on this side. That will guarantee that your outdoor blinds are sparklingly clean. After cleaning all the sides of your outdoor blinds, do not forget to clean the glass wall or window as well so the dust or grime it has will not get into the outdoor blinds.

9. Try Not To Spray Insecticides Near The Blinds

While it is true that spraying insecticide helps get rid of pests that have been infesting your property, the chemicals it has can cause damage to your outdoor blinds in Singapore if you spray near them. Besides having a stain on the blinds’ surface, insecticide or garden spray can also deteriorate their quality.

Around the water pipes, under the shelves, behind the outdoor sofa, and doors are some places where you should spray the spray insecticides. These are mostly the hiding places where most pests gather.

10. Fasten Loose Hardware Components

Like most appliances and machines, outdoor blinds also come with screws and other hardware components. With constant use, there is a possibility the hardware components of your outdoor blinds will come loose, which can affect their overall performance.

If loose hardware components come undone, the outdoor blinds might fall off to the ground. The only way to prevent this is to fasten the hardware components when cleaning the outdoor blinds.

11. Never Use Bore Water

No matter how thrifty you are, never try to use bore water when cleaning your outdoor blinds. Not only does bore water may contain chemicals that can damage your outdoor blinds, but it can also cause more dirt.

When cleaning your outdoor blinds, make sure to use clean water, or better yet, use warm water. Doing so should help dilute the cleaning products and clean the outdoor blinds faster.

12. Wipe The Blinds In One Direction

Another tip you should remember when cleaning your outdoor blinds is to wipe the damped microfiber cloth in one straight direction. This approach will give you peace of mind that you did not miss cleaning any spot like you do when you mop the floor.

Are you too short and cannot reach the top of the outdoor blinds? In that case, consider using a ladder. You might want to ask for someone’s help so they can hold the ladder while you are cleaning the top of your outdoor blinds.

13. For Dusty Places, Lubricate The Hardware Components More Often

When outdoor blinds are exposed to a dusty environment, their hardware components become stiff over time due to dust, grime, and dirt accumulation. Once stiff, it will be harder to use the outdoor blinds, so you should lubricate the hardware components as often as possible. Ensure to do the lubrication after cleaning the outdoor blinds.

14. Leave The Outdoor Blinds Down For A While After Installation

This method’s goal is to calibrate the outside blinds so they can change their operation depending on the weather. Make sure to secure the bottom and keep the exterior blinds down.

15. Retract The Outdoor Blinds During Severe Weather

While blinds nowadays are sturdier than ages ago, they are still vulnerable to extreme weather conditions. To care for your outdoor blinds, do make sure to retract them during severe weather conditions. Doing so should help prolong the lifespan of your outdoor blinds.

The outdoor blinds are made sturdy to withstand windy conditions. However, many make the mistake of pulling it down halfway which makes the blinds vulnerable in that position. The outdoor blinds should be pulled down completely and locked into position to ensure maximum protection and minimal damage.

How Often Should You Clean Your Outdoor Blinds?

It highly depends on the weather where you live since some places are dustier than others. On average, however, you should clean your outdoor blinds in Singapore every two weeks. Doing so should guarantee that no dust and dirt will get in the way of the outdoor blinds’ performance. There will also be no unwanted odour remaining.

Apart from every two weeks cleaning intervals, you should also consider thoroughly or deep-clean your outdoor blinds twice a year. If done right, your outdoor blinds will get revitalised, looking good as new again—prolonging the lifespan of the outdoor blinds.

The Bottom Line

How long things last will highly depend on your actions. Do take note of everything you have learned from this article so you clean and maintain your balcony blinds in Singapore well. Rest assured that by implementing extensive cleaning and maintenance care, you will less likely need to replace them anytime soon with new blinds and installation.

Contact Durablinds Trading, Ziptrak’s exclusive distributor in Singapore and Malaysia, at +(65) 6912 4016 or leave a message on their website In case you need help with blinds installation in Singapore and other things. They will contact you shortly as you have sent or relied on your inquiries. 

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