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10 Commandments of the Lazy Gardener 

Everyone wants to have an ideal garden. Not everyone is able to devote all his or her free time to it. At the same time, it’s well-known that gardening is not a piece of cake. You have to spend hours planting, watering, and fertilizing the plants. If you don’t’ want to spend all your free time in the garden, you can’t but use the following 10 commandments of a lazy gardener. 

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1. Say “Yes” to perennials

 A rich harvest is a dream of any gardener. Yet, only a rare of humans are glad to repeat the procedure of picking up and sowing seeds or planting seedlings year after year. This problem can be easily solved by the proper choice of vines. Perennials are the best helpers of the lazy gardeners. Moreover, if you provide your patch with minimum care, the yields will become larger and larger.  

It’s also possible to cultivate self-seeding annuals. In such a way, you can get radish, tomatoes, peppers or cucumber. Yet, it’s of primary importance to provide annuals with constant watering and care.

2. Use equipment

We are used to doing everything by hand. It seems to be more qualitative. Yet, it’s not an effective way to keep your property in order. You won’t get a good harvest if you don’t use gardening tools. Nowadays you are to find hundreds of available variants on the Net. By the way, it’s not obligatory to buy only the specialized tools. You may use ones you have already possessed. For instance, when it comes to planting fall bulbs, you need a drill with a spade.

3. Weed control fabric is a must 

It’s not a secret that weeds are the worst enemies of any plant. They steal nutrients and cause numerous diseases. You can’t but get rid of these pesky plants. It’s not a good way out to pull out the weeds by hand. You are likely to do it for ages. Many landowners prefer to use chemicals. Yet, it’s not a good variant for lazybones while you should repeat the procedure several times within the season. That’s why you should apply a weed control fabric. It’s enough to lay the cover before the season starts and you may forget about weeding. There are some models of the weed barrier that can last up to a dozen years. It’s a perfect variant for lazy gardeners.

4. The irrigation system is the best time and effort saver.

All experienced gardeners know for sure that you have to spend the greater part of your time on watering. It’s a significant element of successful gardening. Yet, it’s a rather energy-consuming process. When it comes to growing edibles, it’s needed to water crops regularly. Some of them are to be watered two times a day. 

The only thing you should do to solve this problem is to install an irrigation system. Then you may turn it on whenever you need it. Your crops are been watering while you enjoy your favorite movies.

5. Say “No” to tilling

If you don’t want to waste a couple of hours, you may easily give up an idea of annual tiling. It’s worth doing only if you haven’t worked in this garden yet. 

6. Rows are not effective anymore

We are used to sowing seeds in rows while it looks neat. Yet. it’s better to sow seeds thickly in beds that are wide and long. Then it would be easier to keep your patch in order. Such beds are more comfortable for watering and fertilizing.

7. Low-maintenance landscape design is really awesome

It’s up to you to choose plants that need no regular care or decoration materials that are easy-to-maintain.

8. A self-cleaning tool holder is an important item

Thanks to it, you don’t need to clean equipment by hand. 

9. Organic mulch is a remedy for your vines

It’s enough to gather fallen leaves and use them as a mulch to get brilliant results. You can also try compost or straw. 

10.  Homemade fertilizers are awesome

Eggshells, banana peels, and even coffee grounds make your soil richer without efforts.

To sum it up, it should be noticed that it’s not obligatory to spend all your energy on gardening. Sometimes it’s worth following the commandments of the lazy bones.   




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