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Types of doors to modernize your home: the options are endless

Types of doors to modernize your home: the options are endless

The entrance of your house is an extremely important place because it is the first impression of our family and guests. There are a large number of types of doors for your house that will make you feel safe from the beginning, show your personality and style. Get inspired by the different types of modern Entry doors and give an imposing touch to the entrance of your home. Its design means the entrance to new opportunities.

We show you different designs that you will surely love. Get inspired and choose the one you like the most.

Innovative design with pivot doors

How about a large pivot door instead of the traditional one? This is an unconventional design that is sure to make an apartment or house look very modern. Its design is based on changing the traditional hinges for a fixation on the lower and upper part of the middle of the door, which allows it to open to both sides up to about 130 degrees. There are many designs in various materials such as glass and wood. Without a doubt the latter gives much more sophistication.

Wood and glass

Give a unique style to your entrance. Of course, the glass part is matt or opaque so that the interior of the house cannot be seen. This option will give more lighting to the entrance. The color of the wood must combine with the other furniture and type of wood in your decoration.

Dark wood and metal

This is a large door like the first one but it opens in the traditional way. It is very simple but modern because of the type of long handle to open it. Ideally, choose a dark wood color to make it look more sophisticated and refined.

Minimalist and safe

This door has a simple but impressive design. The metal detail and a bit of glass in the center make it modern and elegant. To make it much more technological, put a smart lock. You will have much more security. Any wood color looks great, but white will definitely make it look quite modern. You already know various types of doors.


Besides looking stylish and modern, entry doors have one common goal to keep – protecting your house. A modern entry door must be robust. So, always consider the “safety” aspect. Don’t select the entry door based on your budget, as it could compromise the security breach. Buy door that is solid, stylish, and affordable.

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