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5 qualities that make the Saarinen chair a keeper!

Eero Saarinen might be known as a masterful architect, but he was also an excellent furniture designer. Aside from his renowned tulip table, he’s also the mastermind behind the womb and Saarinen chairs. This chair is a versatile development that can be easily made a part of several interior design styles without any hassle at all. It’s absolutely unique, and if you’re searching for even more reasons to make it an intrinsic part of your homes, here are 5 qualities that’ll make this decision a no-brainer for you:

  1. Sculptural design


The gorgeously sculptural design of the Saarinen chair is like art itself. The gentle contours are specifically design to mold against the body and ensure the best and most comfortable lounging experience. The slender design of the legs goes a long way in making the upper half seem even more attractive. You’ll love how this particular trait can make this chair the best accent piece in your spaces. These days, the form of the chair matters a lot – especially when you’re matching diverse furniture pieces – and this one is sure to stand out a lot!

  1. Customizable upholstery


One of the best parts about the design of the Saarinen chair is that you can find it in any color you like. Its upholstery is as customizable as you want. If you’re looking for bold colored solid fabrics, you can get them! If you’re searching for some gorgeous prints to emulate an eclectic look in your homes, then you can definitely get the Saarinen chair in them as well! This quality enhances its visual versatility and allows you to make the best of your home design theme at the same time!

  1. Highly comfortable


Eero Saarinen designed all his furniture to be as accommodating as possible, which is why the Saarinen chair is one of the most ergonomic pieces you’ll ever invest in. Simply sitting down on it is an absolute experience. Not only is it incredibly comfortable and stylish, but it also allows your body to lean back and enjoy the sculptural contours of the chair aesthetic. Everything about it ensures that you’ll have the most amazing seating experience of your life!

  1. Versatile visuals


Another great quality of the Saarien chair is that it has completely versatile visuals. You can literally just place it anywhere around your space and it’ll feel totally at home. From freestanding positions to accent styling, this chair has the versatile aesthetics to carry it all off. You can even pair it with different types of furniture like sofas and end-table to get a wholesome effect!

  1. Perfect for some downtime


If you’re searching for the perfect down-time furniture to spruce up your homes with, then no need to look further than the Saarinen chair. It’s got the immensely sensible quality of being able to be paired with different styles of ottomans, so that you can recline there with a hot mug of coffee or a book!

See? All of the qualities make the Saarinen chair the perfect addition for your home interiors! It’s got style, flair, and is even comfy to lie down on!

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