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5 Ways to Maximise Your Kitchen’s Potential

A lot of families spend their time in the kitchen, and you need to have enough space for the whole family. Creating an illusion of space is the key if you have a small kitchen. Design kitchen cupboard doors that are less bulky to give the kitchen the illusion of space. Also, you can add an island to maximise storage space and countertop space.

  1. Slim Down

When considering the shelves and cabinets to install, look for a slim model. This will fit perfectly in your kitchen. Moreover, their sleek, slim look will make your kitchen look stylish not to mention creates an illusion of space.

Bulky cabinets have a way of taking up most of the kitchen space. They look massive, and your kitchen looks smaller than it is. You can make plans for cupboard door replacement and make your kitchen more stylish.

Also, make use of pull out shelves since they have a lot of space on the inside but look small and gorgeous. They don’t occupy a lot of space in your kitchen, and you have the pleasure of putting a lot of your kitchen items.

  1. Get Smaller Appliances

The easiest way to make your kitchen look and appear big is by getting small appliances. Sometimes you don’t need that big stove in your kitchen. You can replace it by getting a small version that will work as good as the big stove.

Also, if you don’t have a lot of groceries at a time, why not swap the big refrigerator for a small one. This will save you on space and energy. When it comes to a dishwasher if you leave alone, you rarely have a lot of dishes to clean. You can have a small dishwasher that serves its purpose and save a lot of space in the kitchen.

Additionally, you can get a built-in microwave to save up on countertops space. This ensures that you have enough space to prepare your meals.

  1. Make Use Of Storage Space

One thing that makes a kitchen look small and untidy is lack of storage space. You end up putting all your spices on the countertops reducing the working space. You can make use of storage space and get a lot more from your kitchen.

Make use of pull out cabinets in your kitchen. They occupy less space and can store a lot of kitchen appliances. Also, you can make use of a lazy Susan in your kitchen. This allows you to store a lot of spices in a small space.

When your kitchen is de-cluttered, it brings in more light and creates an illusion of space. You get to use every corner of your kitchen efficiently and maximise the space available.

4. Reduce The Sink Size

When your kitchen is being built, the plumbers install big sinks that end up taking a lot of space. The purpose of a sink is to clean your meat, fruits, vegetables, and dishes. A big sink is not a necessity in the kitchen, and you can reduce the size.

If you have two sinks and they occupy a lot of the kitchen countertops you can reduce their sizes and have enough space. Moreover, you don’t need a sink for doing the dishes you can get a dishwasher.

If you have a small kitchen, get a plumber to fit in a small sink that works for you. All the countertops space that is saved improves the appearance of your kitchen.

  1. Get A Kitchen Island

Kitchen islands are great since they give your kitchen that needed countertop space. Also, they act as storage for all your kitchen items. If you have a small kitchen getting an island that fits in your kitchen is the key.

Get a design that pulls everything in your kitchen together. Also, to create more space, you can do away with the kitchen breakfast table and add stools to the island. This solves your sitting problem. You get more countertop space and more storage space.


Have a neat, organised kitchen motivates you to cook healthy meals. Also, it makes your home look clean and tidy all the time.

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