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7 Reasons to Buy a New Real Estate

Reduced legal fees, better energy performance, personalized housing. There are many good reasons to buy new properties: discover 7 good reasons to buy new real estate in Canberra Drive.

  1. Notary fees are reduced

When you buy a home in the secondary market, you must pay notary fees, the amount of which is equal to 7-8% of the amount of the transaction. But in new dødsbo Oslo, these notary fees amount to only 2-3%, which allows you to make a significant saving during the acquisition.

  1. A new condo has better performance

Modern condominiums are designed according to the latest standards, whether for electricity, thermal standards or sound and thermal insulation, etc. You then obtain efficient housing, which allows you to save energy.

  1. You benefit from manufacturer guarantees

As a purchaser of a new condo in residential complex, you are protected by multiple guarantees linked to the construction of your property. These are the guarantee against apparent defects and lack of conformity in the form of 2 year guarantee or 10 year guarantee.

  1. You get personalized accommodation

This accommodation, you imagined it yourself, you designed it according to your lifestyle, your tastes and your needs, and you therefore get personalized accommodation that suits you.

  1. You have no work to do for several years

Having been built according to the latest standards in force, your new condo will not require any work for several years, which once again allows you to save money, unlike an old home which must be renovated or improved regularly.

  1. The amount of condominium fees is lower

Since your home has just been built, you will save on the Commodore condo price, since you will not have any work or upgrades to be expected for at least 15 years. Especially since the construction is guaranteed for 10 years against work that should occur, especially on the walls and the roof.

  1. You get healthier housing

More and more builders are keen to use healthier materials when building homes, which reduce pollutants and allergens. Thus, this makes it possible to preserve the health of workers as well as that of future occupants.

A Brief Introduction about the Commodore Residential Complex

Nestled in the district 27 of Canberra drive, the Commodore housing complex is well-equipped with latest technology and luxurious facilities. JBE developers are one of the best developers in Singapore who are known for providing deluxe amenities, quality construction and easy accessibility to city centre to their residents. The Commodore condominium will be installed with cameras, proper parking spaces, swimming pool, hydrotherapy pool, pavilion, private lifts and many more. Major highlights of the Commodore are as follows:

  1. Nearby Reputed schools like Sembawang Primary school, Ahmed Ibrahim Secondary school and Sir Manasseh Meyer International School
  2. Close proximity to the Nautical, the Watergardens at Canberra and Yishun Sapphire
  3. 3 minute walking distance to Sembawang Shopping Centre
  4. MRT station is just 5 minutes away from complex
  5. 30 minute drive to Central business district and Singapore’s main shopping belt

The multi-storey building will have 219 units, you can choose from 1 bedroom to 5 bedroom apartment as per your need and choice. Visit the website to know about the Commodore condo price.


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